A Good Idea About Hairs !!!

 Hi everyone.

I have an idea about hairs. Maybe this can help us if someone has problem too about hairs. I am sorry from now for my English i will try to explain :)

Since when i started to use "mind power/LOA" to get rid of hairs , i was always trying to "get rid" of them. since 7 months. But i was fail..  i was not careful , i was not looking to people so careful until 1 month ago. that time i started to examine their skins being careful. when i saw a smooth skin i examined it closely. and i saw the small , tiny , transparent fluffs,hairs on their faces,arms etc. And i understood that we have hairs all of our bodies. Little,transparent ; or long and thick. And i started to think that if i cant get rid of hairs , why i dont make them small,tiny and transparent like the others have. 

I prepared affirmations like i already have this little, tiny and transparent hairs. "only my hair,my eyebrows, my eyelashes and my beards are evident , salient. All of my other hairs are so tiny,small,invisible and transparent." Like this kind of affirmations.. We can change our eye color , hair color , nose shape. Then why we cant do this!! Maybe even this can be easier than changing eye color. I researched a bit about hairs , they are always spilling with time and the new hairs are coming. And when they spilled , why the new hairs cant grow up as small,tiny,invisible and transparent??! 

I believe that i will get my results in a short time. And i hope my idea can help someone if anybody has same problem. I will be waiting for your comments and thoughts. Thank you so much.. :)

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  • Well I know my success story isn't exactly like yours but it does have to do with my hair and I want to share it with you in the hopes that it will help you. When I was a toddler, I had hair down to my tailbone- beautiful, silky straight hair. Puberty then hit, and as it did, I watched my sister and my cousin complain DAILY about their "curly" hairs, and watched them for hours attempt to straighten their hair. It was only a short while until my dirty blonde, straight hair turned into a dark brown curly frizz. And I grew up, mimicking what I saw my sister and cousin doing, spending hours trying to straighten my hair. It was only this year that I realized the faulty programming I had been instructing my cells with. So I started cell talking and visualizing my hair as wavy (I don't like it to be naturally straight because I've heard it will be harder to get hair dos done and have them sit properly). I visualized my hair with long, loose waves. (beach-waves). It only took a few showers and a henna session to unexpectedly turn it into the exact texture I wanted. It's amazing. I love it so much now, more than I did before. And I decided I wanted it to stay dark and not go back to the dirty blonde color it had when I was kid, because I released a rocket of desire about having green eyes, which would compliment my skin tone and hair color very well. And I've had several, several showers and put chemicals on it since, and it's still the same, actually I think the waves are becoming even looser. Point is, you really can do anything you want. To quote Abe Hicks, "there isn't anything you can't do, be, or have".
  • " I believe that i will get my results in a short time. And i hope my idea can help someone if anybody has same problem. I will be waiting for your comments and thoughts. Thank you so much.. :) "  

    @Jack Rain , Hello. I am on my way , on the right way i feel it. As i wrote , i didnt get my result yet. Actually i already have my result. its here. i have it , that i want. And i am so happy and thankful for everything that in my life. Now , could you see the difference? :)

  • Ah , proof , now you have no excuses , theres here pictures with proofs , a índia girl change the color , the pictures is here somewhere , but i know wht you will say after...


    My man , it dont work like that , you change your beliefs about what it can be made and then this will show up in your reality , you can see pics , call evryone crazy , this will do nothing if you dont change .


    I saw a good statement , its not mine , but i agree , its " you dont have beliefs , your beliefs possess you" so , you have a probelm is here with your " i want first see to after believe"


    Either way , i want not a fight , its common this place you are , but there are already pictues here , go there see ...


    Good look :)

  • Where is the proof of these changes lol? 

  • :) :)

  • i am surely goin to share...:))) n that too v soon.... thanku....:))
  • :) i hope this will help you!!  i used to hate always and trying to get rid. but i understood i found to the "secret" for this, no need to hate and trying to get rid. i love all of my hair i will be always with them but the difference is , they will be so so small ,colorless like transparent and i will have clean body, skin like hairless :) :)

    • i gottya....:)))))
    • And Reikipowee ,  if you decide to use this , please let us know how is going!! :) 

  • awsome,i understood.... thankuuuuu sooooo much....:))
    stay blessed
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