A helpful 15 minute meditation guide for resistance

I've started meditating in the morning and the evening to keep myself in a good mental place all day in order to help manifest height and other physical changes and it's really been helping me get into the skin that I want and feel like I'm in a place where I already have my ideal body so I thought I'd share it to help anyone who was having trouble with resistance!

So find a quiet comfortable place where you wont be disturbed for 15 minutes. Do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable! If you want to wrap yourself in a blanket or turn on a yoga pandora station! Whatever works for you.

Once you're seated and wont be disturbed, close your eyes and begin to deepen your breath as you empty your mind. Focus only on your breath and allow yourself to feel the energy flowing through you with your breath. If thoughts pop up just acknowledge them and then bring your focus back to your breathing. After allowing yourself to be in this peaceful silent state for a few minutes and you feel like you're in a relaxed state, start to focus the flow of energy and visualize who you see yourself as right now and what you see when you think of your physical appearance, and take the energy that you've been focusing on and start to mold that vision of yourself that you see. Look at the energy as a sculptors hands and that image of yourself in your mind as the clay. Have fun with it. Stretch the legs out a little longer, make the hair a little longer, paint the eyes a different color, mold the face into the way that you'd like, etc.   Make whatever changes that you want to physically make to your body.   Once you've made all the changes you want to the image of yourself in your head, take the new you that you just created and imagine putting that version of yourself into your physical body and feel your actual body shaping itself to that mold you just created in your head.  Then bring your attention back to clearing your head and focusing on your breathing. Once you feel like your ready then gently open your eyes and feel that new you molding in your body, and continue on the rest of the day living in the skin of the new you that you created!

Hope this helps guys and let me know what you think!

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  • Thank you lovely! I'm glad you like it. It really helps me a lot. And I love Emily Didonato. She's such a doll!

  • This is exactly the type of meditation/creative visualization that I tend to go for, love it! Also, I love your profile picture, emily didonato is gorgeous!
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