A humble question

Hey everyone! Alright, so here's the thing. If someone wants to change something big, like their skull, how long do you think it'd take? I mean, you're literally changing the shape of your bones, and/or growing new bones (if someone doesn't have some kind of a bone in their skull). So if you would to do it the natural way, it'd take up to 2 months AT LEAST seeing as all the bones and muscles must adjust and so on and so on.  

Do you guys think it'd be possible to get instant manifestation? And if so, what would be needed to achieve such a feat? 

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  • I fully agree with you. For a novice in this practice, it'd take a while. 

    IMO the best tip is to forget about the mirror or fundamentally change the way you look at it.

  • I hope ppl learn to use loa for this disease. But it said in end she taught self how to get around some of it
  • Umm lots has been said. I suppose depends. I mean nothing is more miraculous than anything else really. 1stly it's diff per body. 2nd it depends on amount. Like anything can happen fast but again varries. Like if you had a fracture vs amputated leg, i'd assume logic says fracture would heal faster. It doesn't have to but since body needs to allow for changes body will decide how does. Best you can do is believe in now. And let body work
  • Thank you for your input! Just remember, we're already there :D
  • Ah I see. Have you experienced any such fast, or even instant manifestation (purely on your physical body)

    • Not not really. But I've had other things happening in a matter of minutes even seconds, none of them have been intentional. But lately there have been a lot of synchronicities in my life, it's likw I'm awakening, realizing that only the present moment is real and also being in tune with it and my desires as already being true. Nothing physical yet.
  • Yes don't worry I'm not planning on growing a second skeleton XD

  • oh wow lol

  • You reminded me of a woman 


    This woman is growing a second skeleton — and it’s locking her inside her own body
    Jasmin Floyd, 23, has fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a rare genetic disease that turns her muscle tissue and connective tissue into bone.
  • Umm there is no specific standard. It can be as fast as you want, but right now I'm identifying a belief of yours: "it'd take up to 2 months at least" justifying the supposed complexity of the tissue, it's all beliefs and on top of that overriding beliefs we learn as we grow up. We literally see our facial hair growing every 2 days and so on. Get rid of limits.
    As for the instant one umm I've read that's called quantum shift but I don't know about it. I'd like someone to explain this one too.
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