A Revelation

If memory serves, I posted here a number of years ago and mentioned that I was in extreme distress regarding my physical appearance. I'm still greatly distressed by my physical appearance, but I know why now. 

In 2019, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I tried every non-surgical treatment I could, but all failed. I finally decided that surgical correction of my septum was the only option I had left. The surgeon my mother's insurance covered specialized in facial reconstruction following severe trauma (car accidents, domestic violence, cancer...). This surgeon knew I was a 24 week preemie from my medical history, and he told me my face showed signs of physical trauma.  After further examinations, he explained that my cheekbones had been crushed, my nose severely broken, and my jawline unnaturally elongated when I passed through the birth canal....

The facial features I was supposed to have are identical to what I've been trying to manifest. It explains why my current facial features have been such a source of pain for me. It's as if my own mind knows how I'm supposed to look. 

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  • Physical beauty is VERY important.

    • It depends on how much importance you give to it. What i am going to say might feel a little extreme but this is what others in here itself have said and i am saying it with my own experience. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE -YES & also you can have the very same experiences that you can even if you dont change a single thing about your appearance. It depends on what you want . It only depend on what you believe in. JUST THAT. 

      I have seen people here struggle because of their physical appearance but the only thing you need to focus how you feel & not on desired changes( eye colour , face shape etc ) in itself. Just focus on the feeling and it will bring about changes .Focus on the feeling of love , feeling whole and content etc.

      Ofcourse it takes practise , it ,might cause you a lot of pain and tears but whichever journey you chose make sure you stick onto it and you ll eventually find yourself answers. And that will make you free. <3

      take care all. Let this isolation period may also be a time of self reflection and self love.

    • do you have reddit account? I rarely check here. Can we talk? I've been trying to change it since 2016. I don't know what to do. I am still the same physical 4 years ago:(

  • Robert posted this on P.I.:



  • i feel that you need to focus on how you feel about how you already are. Its about accepting yourself unconditionally and its about knowing that you are well of without being anything other than what you are now. i know its easy to say but it takes a lot of strength to overcome your conditioned mind that you need to be something else but it can be changed with your effort. And when you see yourself full and complete then its very easy for you to align with the energy that you want to feel. Even if it takes time and you dont see any change soon it is worth the ride as you lay a solid foundation for yourself from where you can work from.

    love and peace to you.

  • Thank you for responding. It does give me some relief knowing the truth behind these matters. 

    I haven't studied Abraham's teachings, but they sound wise. Dwelling in my imaginary reality is something I used to do often, but I've felt terribly disconnected lately. I'm not sure why there's such resistance. I just hope I can break through soon. I'll be sure to post updates when I can. 

    • What's your experience with imagining an alternative reality? Has it benefited you in some way in the past? Can you see things you've imagined come to pass in some way or fashion? 

    • I've tried to imagine an alternative reality where I exist exactly as I want to. I've terrible visualization skills, much to my dismay, so what I imagine is often not very clear. I know what I'd like to see though.The alternative reality is source of comfort for me, however unclear it is, and I often find myself daydreaming when my present life doesn't demand my attention. I've tried to surround myself with things that remind me of what I've imagined, but this is a deliberate effort.. I've had only a few incidences of things I've imagined coming into my life unexpectedly. 

    • Having a clear image of what you want is not that important. What matters most is how you feel. Feeling happy and grateful is all you need to aspire to. Forget your goal. Just do whatever it takes to get your mind of of the things you dont want and on the things that make you feel better for whatever reason. Is a song playing that you love, say. 'thank you. I love this song'. Saying thanks for all the beauty in your live will dramatically increase your attraction powers. Doing daily gratitute sessions is much simpler than forcing yourself to construct an image in your mind's eye. Write in your journal the livestyle you will lead.

      I manifested €100k last year because I wanted to quit my job. In 2017 I wrote down my goal hoping it would manifest that same year. I was rather negative most of the time. But I kept repeating the mantra, writing it in my journal. To be honest I wasnt that consistent with it. I tried visualizing how my live would look like. this exercise was a source of struggle because I doubted myself. Was I doing it right? My visualization looked so blurred and unsatisfactory. But it did manifest 3 months ago. The coming 4 years Im financialy set, which is a great feeling. Dispite my negative emotions I was able to manifest my financial goal. What to take from this is even with resistant thoughts you are attracting. The less resistence you give the faster things will unfold. 

      Abraham says to discontinue visualizing when you catch yourself being critical an overly logical. Now I just use affirmations most of the time. If youre really down and out dont expect to feel any noticable change when using affirmations. It takes time for your mood to switch.  It can take hours, days or weeks, depending on where you are on the emotional scale. 

      Keep repeating the affirmations till you start to believe them. Your determination will be tested. Dont give up. 

    • It's comforting to know that the clarity of the visualizations isn't as important as the energy felt. I've been meaning to take to writing a journal, so this seems like an excellent step to start with. 

      Congratulations. That's a wonderful manifestation, and an inspiring tale too.It's consoling knowing that attraction and manifestation still happens despite resistance. I also seem to have a fear that whatever success I do achieve will only be short-lived and be followed by even more unpleasant circumstances.

      I can't thank you enough for your help and support. Best of luck with your present goals.

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