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Hey, this is my first post on this site, so hello everyone.

For years I've been depressed about my height (168 cm / 5'6''), I tried lots of things to grow taller, I did stretching exercies for about 2 months (I knew they wouldn't work though), and I've been trying to use LoA for a very long time to increase my height but I still couldn't make it. I read lots of success stories, on this site, on the secret website and some other forums and I believe they're true, but I just can't use them them on myself. I'm so obsessed about it, I know I shouldn't be but every morning when I wake up and see that I haven't grown even 1 cm, it is impossible for me not to be feel bad. I have to let go, but I simply can't. I think I came close to succeeding a few times, there were times I had growing pains, and there were times I was very hungry but I never grew. The idea to "completely forget about your current situation and make what you want your reailty" seems really logical, if only I could do it. I'm trying to meditate, but then I have lots of bad thoughts (terrible thoughts that I can't ignore) and instead of relaxing, I find myself fighting those thoughts and then it all goes to waste. I also have trouble visualizing myself taller in 1st person, I'm trying to look at the world from my desired height but I always shift back to my current height. If I try to visualize in 3rd person, I will still look at my taller body from my current height, which I think doesn't work either. I feel I have lots of limiting beliefs about growing taller and that's why this happens. My desired height is 180 cm / 5'11.

So.. any advices? 

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  • I'm so unhappy. so depressed. and so angry. Really don't know what to do, don't have interest in anything anymore. All I wanted was to go near someone on november 8 standing at 180cm but 8 months have passed and I didn't grow a mm. It's november 1 today, and I can't tell you how fucking bad I feel. I'm not even asking for help. Just needed to write somewhere as I have zero friends. 

  • This hatred for my height is intensified when I leave the house nd see real men
  • I want to kill em all
  • Thurisaz you can do it. You have to undesrtand some things like ...what you see outside dont matters, but you have to believe it literally.

    Once you start a intention like that, you cannot contradict with, at least not too much, once you start something like that then reality start changing, sometimes a bit slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes appear that nothing is changing, but botton line is, it will.

    This apparent delay is what make peoples give up or become pessimista and then they stop the desire.

    Ok, this is how peoples do normally ( i also, but i have really strong will even with resistance beeing too long), you intend how you want...you imagine it, or you afirm, it doenst matter, then you feel good a bit and go live your day, then you think "look this taller guy or girl over there, oh now hes more taller than me, oh no, this will not work" ..so wanna look it close

    You do a intention, then after you do another, what will win is what you believe more, and peoples believe more in what is outside, wich is the reason why peoples take years without seeing nothing. What matter is what you want, but this " i want that, oh no, its not happeneing " is like praying to devil and God in the same time.

    Confuse ? Intention is not the same as desire, your consciousness create what you are thinking, even if you re saying something that you dont want, this to your consciousness is also a intention.

    You then have to persist( not struggle envolved if you undertand), learn how believe in the reality that you want, more that what you see outside your good vision.

    Its out of the logic, dont try make others do it for you or try think in scientifics terms, or reason, its Faith, Faith work very well, but is out of the logic.

    So, now you  to know, to make it happens, ( anything by the way) you have to work with what you are imagining or affirming or wathever you make up, before you see it be projected.

    Maybe is hard to believe,  but once you undertand things become easy.

    Its a good idea avoid Reading about stuffs that say that this is not possible etc again, its not rational, is Faith ( in lack of a better word)

    Have a good time in your cretain you and everybody here  :)

  • I agree with EnergyZone, well said c:. And just be happy in general. If you're only happy in the moments when you feel like you're getting what you want, how will you ever truly get what you want? Happy one moment, sad the next. Its ok to be sad or upset once in a while but to be upset in general? Really there's no need for that. Feel your sadness for a time, then release it. Don't hold on, just let it go. It seems harder than it really is. Another thing is feeling like "the lucky ones" are the ones who are able to grow,will keep you from growing. Its not something that happens out of "luck", you have to believe that its completely normal and ordinary to be able to grow. If you feel like you need luck in order to achieve your goal, then you are sending the message that you feel like growing is possible yet out of reach for you. You CAN grow, believe it, feel it, know it and let it go.
  • “I will be” is a confession that “I am not “ The Father's will is always “I AM.” Until you realize that YOU are the Father (there is only one I AM and your infinite self is that I AM), your will is always “I will be.”

    Neville Goddard

  • I really need help guys. I so want to, actually, NEED TO grow taller in 2 months. There are lots of people who grew much taller in a shorter time, why can't I be one of those lucky ones.. I think I was doing quite fine at being positive for the last few weeks but nothing happened, and since yesterday I'm down again, I'm tired. I don't wanna give up because I really believe it's possible. Because before I knew about loa, I was still very depressed about my height but I was wandering around daydreaming and imagining myself tall near someone I love, not for a purpose, just because it was making me feel good, but at the end of the day I'd always go to bed sad. Then one day I told myself that maybe if I don't sleep listening to those sad musics tonight I'd have a chance to grow. I also remember admiring one of my friends that I saw, I really admired his height, but I was not jealous at all, I just admired. Anyway around that time, I woke up with growing pains in my legs and arms, they continued for 3 days and they were so intense. I was feeling great everytime I had them. Maybe I even grew an unnoticeable amount, I don't know. But after 3 days they disappeared, and I went back to feeling depressed again. What should I do to have them back.. 

  • Womens dont like you because you believe it. Money, beauty being popular or famous theses probably are the most common beliefs the mens have about why womens like them. But, lets be honest here...this is teached by society and culture, and religion, and magazines and womens  and etc etc.

    But theres not connection, i always have in my life know guys that are rich, taller and good looking that are really medíocre with womens and know guys that are poor, shorter till ugly that are awesome in this subject. Its a fact, go to a shopping, look the guys with womens there, you will see that many guys dont belong to theses common beliefs.

    You are conditioned, you are a slave of the mentality that tv, music, movies, magazines say what you believe and then you dont create for yourself..you see News, you see magazines saying how things are and you say " amen, im a poor victim, this is how life is, i can do nothing to change it"...

    Now, i say to you, stop the brainwashed, break the spell, go think for yourself,  start creating for yourself, not what others  say what you have to do.

     Probably you will not understand my words..so i will sumarize, you re not a victim, you can create, so, you have power, but you dont use it. Internet (sites about womens talking about short guys) TV, music, peoples, are saying that you are a victim, and you only bend over..and say "Amen"...you dont think for yourself, you dont even try.

    Last, you can change your height, but its not the height that will give you womens , its you, you can have it now, but like i said, you dont believe and have a undisciplined mind...start  there, start emptying your mind about all this garbage, all this bullshit that are teached to you.

    You want it bad enough?

  • The problem is you are the minority. Most girls would not give a 5'6 guy a chance.

    • I wanted be tall because I like it, not because I need girls. I get many girls even I being short. lol

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