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Hey, this is my first post on this site, so hello everyone.

For years I've been depressed about my height (168 cm / 5'6''), I tried lots of things to grow taller, I did stretching exercies for about 2 months (I knew they wouldn't work though), and I've been trying to use LoA for a very long time to increase my height but I still couldn't make it. I read lots of success stories, on this site, on the secret website and some other forums and I believe they're true, but I just can't use them them on myself. I'm so obsessed about it, I know I shouldn't be but every morning when I wake up and see that I haven't grown even 1 cm, it is impossible for me not to be feel bad. I have to let go, but I simply can't. I think I came close to succeeding a few times, there were times I had growing pains, and there were times I was very hungry but I never grew. The idea to "completely forget about your current situation and make what you want your reailty" seems really logical, if only I could do it. I'm trying to meditate, but then I have lots of bad thoughts (terrible thoughts that I can't ignore) and instead of relaxing, I find myself fighting those thoughts and then it all goes to waste. I also have trouble visualizing myself taller in 1st person, I'm trying to look at the world from my desired height but I always shift back to my current height. If I try to visualize in 3rd person, I will still look at my taller body from my current height, which I think doesn't work either. I feel I have lots of limiting beliefs about growing taller and that's why this happens. My desired height is 180 cm / 5'11.

So.. any advices? 

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    • My brother is just about that height or actually maybe half an inch to inch taller but all my friends above 5'7" themselves have wanted to date him because they think he is hot most of the times they said they did not even notice that he was not tall. My brother had a relationship with a great girl forever she was considered hot and pretty by most guys and usually dated taller men but they seperated due to some arguments and he has dated taller girls, short and shorter thn him just fine. It is usually short girls who always prefer tall guys because they are short themselves. Take care of urself, get some confidence and you will be fine.
  • i might be poking the bear here and i doubt it'll ease the mind of anyone who dislikes their height but i genuinely like 'shorter' guys. 5' 6", totally cool. i prefer slight guys to tall ones or typically 'masculine' ones by far. am i in the minority? perhaps, yes. but not liking a guy due to his height, specifically- no way.

    end exciting story.

  • Comtemplating agaist the Family..well, you see, this is one type of belief, is called " victim mentality" by spiritualists and peoples that use the mind also...is when you think that you have no power and circunstances outside are what make things happens.

    The victim mentality is something that peoples that use power of the mind have to let go , because this mentality is saying " i have not power about nothing"

    " ..but peoples teached it to me.." and now you know is not the truth..its your responsability not others to learn about mind power, Loa wathever one want call it.

    Victim mentality : i have not power, is my Family fault, society wathever

    Power mentality: is my responsability, i have the power inside. I can do it, i can learn it etc...

    Man, im teaching it for free ??? Just kidding.

  • I feel the same way. Sucks having no women like you for your height lol. Really depressing stuff. I contemplated homocide against my family (for giving me shitty genetics) for a while because of it, then that changed to wanting suicide. I'm now doing better but the depression still comes and goes. NOTE: I was never depressed about my height before finding out about LoA. Yes, I hated it, but I didn't actually get depressed over it. Take that for what you will

  • Hey, you try too much, what about do the practice without waiting if is working or not ?

    You guys have a problem, you guys have have a mind that are in a wild state, like a wild worse, so, when one say , "i tried do meditation, but i cannot x or y etc ..." is because the mind is yet in th same state...what to do then? go for years moaning and complaining? no, learn how make the mind be less and less acelerated.

    When i start, i was in the worst state imaginable, i was worse than  you, but i just keep going till i start liking doing my meditation ( wich  is my way, when i dont like others way , i made up my own)

    After learning how calm down the mind then start with the practice.

    Just in case, to clarify, to calm down the mind, meditation is one way, the most simple way, i simplify, to me any type of visualization is a form of meditation, nowdays im training to do it in any place, but to make it i have to go first to learn the basic, wich is...calm down my mind.

    If one want it bad enough one have to do what is necessary.

    This is the most basic lesson...the magic pill you guys are waiting dont exist. I mean, without any minimal effort ? Some peoples waste a sun of energy in complaining but dont want give a inch to make the thing Works?

  • What's so funny olu?

  • lol

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