Accepting yourself as who you are...and cell talking

I'm a bit comfused about this...if you are trying to grow taller would you send love to your current height..but how will that bring about your desired height??About cell talkin..has anyone had success with it?..if so how often did you do it and how specific were in which body part you focused on?Thankyou!

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  • Did u also grow taller when you accepted yourself exactly as how you looked then??

  • I think the key is just to love yourself at this stage that you're in now, love the body you're in now and because it is this body that's changing everyday to accommodate your rockets of desire. And when you love yourself, you become confident - which allows easier "acting as if".
    I remember listening to an Abe Hicks seminar once where they said something along the lines of you must love the stage you're in now, it is perfect and it is the most perfect for you... Something like that.

    If it helps, when you're doing cell talking, tell your cells that you love and accept them. Send them gratitude for doing all the work they're doing for you.

    Good luck !! :)
  • i had same question
    and got answer when i actually accepted and started loving my current situation
  • this confusion will stay untill u DO it and experince... when u start accepting and loving current situation ... you automatically start feeling same about the desired future
    try it
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