your success of physical change

i have a idea for this post.

that we can act as if we succeeded in physical change, and

comment as if and reply to others comments on their success like we would

and if this game actually manifest that physical change you can post that to.

have fun.

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  • silly idea, sorry, lol

  • I love that I have a tiny waist with wide hips and a huge butt. I love my soft curly afro and glowy golden brown skin. Men and women are attracted to my appearance and my beautiful spirit. I get complimented alot yet still remain humble. Thank you universe for making me beautiful inside and out.
  • I'm so glad that I am so attractive and fit. I'm thankful for my hot brown hair and blue eyes. I love being a chick magnet. And I love having clear skin!
  • I am 6'8 and I really love it. I can dunk very easily now in basketball and I tower over everybody. 

  • Omg I am so in love with my long, beautiful, silky straight hair. It is so manageable, and takes no time at all to get it styled. It's so soft and smooth, and its shine is out of this world :) I almost look like some kind of hair goddess , it's just gorgeous! I get smiles and stares where ever I go and often times complimented on how beautiful my hair is, even  my cousins want to know what my secret is to get hair like mine!

  • I am loving the amazed look on everyone's face as I walked in with my 5'8" height. I realized people are attracted to me now and they are applauding my's! Iam in the seventh heaven cherishing my popularity.  It's so damn good and feels so successful at this height, people noticing me around, job offers, hike in pay check, wow woo...abundantly blessed!

  • My face is so divine now, and my lips are so full and cute! My hair is thick and healthy, bouncy - and growing through a very dark brown - practically black! No more henna & indigo! My nose is super straight and sexy, and my eyes have become even more cat-like! My skin is now like baby skin and it sits so comfortably on the frame of my face. The scar i had is gone!!!!!!! My favourite part though? I have an awesome jawline and cheekbones, I feel so cute :) life's really brilliant, and everything I once longed for is now mine. It's strange though, what do I do with all that free mind space now? I guess just live my life now and know that there's no longer any limits so no excuses!
  • I imagine sitting by the beachside. My long legs stretched out. I am 6'1 now. My hazel eyes squint in the sunlight. I begin to apply sunblock on my body. My skin has a very slight healthy tan.  I reach out for my tube of face sunblock. Rubbing the sunblock slowly around my face, i realise that my nose is sharper and my cheekbones are higher. I smile to myself. The wind blows over hair. I gently brush my hair back in place. My head shape has changed. The top is rounded and proportionate. I lie down flat on my chiseled stomach to read a book. Half an hour of reading has passed. I am famished. I pick up my sandwich, gently removing the clingwrap. I bite into the sandwich, savouring the meat. After I'm done, I get my iPhone and tap the camera icon. I was reverse the camera to frontview. I check my teeth for any trace of vegetable. There isnt any. Just as I am about to put away my phone, I can't help but notice that my teeth is very straight. I broadly grin to myself, feeling absolutely satisfied with my overall body. 

  • 5 ft 5 x
  • Hi Icemail, that's awesome! I'm imagining you as one of those guys who detest getting into those small personal sized cars, since they don't comfortably fit into them. Hope you won't have to get into one!:-P :-D

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