your success of physical change

i have a idea for this post.

that we can act as if we succeeded in physical change, and

comment as if and reply to others comments on their success like we would

and if this game actually manifest that physical change you can post that to.

have fun.

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  • How tall were you before?

  • Love this - I reached my goal height of 5'8 in weeks, and have loads of confidence and can wear loads of new clothes. My face is now also wider, with higher cheekbones and a more defined jaw line. Plus I also had a great holiday with my family, with loads of beautiful pictures of my new body and face :)
  • How tall were you before, and how old are you?

    • You can find those stats on my profile. :) Was 4'9

    • How old are you?

  • good luck then! 

    • luck is irrelevant! i already have it! ;) but thankyou!

  • today i bought some beautiful new clothes in size 10's. im so excited to wear them very soon!!!!! :)

  • what was your starting height?

  • Hey guys! I reached my goal! I'm now 5'8 feet tall. :D :D I believed it so much that it wasn't even strange once I measured myself.

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