When i started my journey with LOA and similar things, one of my first tool that I have used was affirmation. Almost all of the LOA and meditation teachers are recommend it,but they not teach you step by step how to apply in the good way. They say that if you use the right thoughts and the right words miracles happen. Although its true they ignoring the fact that words without emotions are powerless or with bad emotions can cause harm. When you saying the affirmation they must resonate with you on the feeling level and it must cause in you good feeling.

When I was on my grow tall road, I used them the wrong way. When you say something like:

"I am tall" the words must mean something good to you. If you feel short and saying things like this you only cause yourself pain because you know its not true. Lying to yourself is one of the biggest mistake and it will make you miserable.

-Well then how do you apply affirmations? 

Easy! You say to yourself things which you believe are true and what you are happy about.

It doesnt need to be related your desires. Your higher self, or the Universe already knows what you want. You only need to be at the frequency of your desire. You need to be as happy as you would be when you already have your deepest desires.

Do things, think about things and feel about things which release your resistances.

The circumstances doesnt matter at all. It only matters how you approach your experiences.

So for an example:

You really want to change something about yourself(No matter what it is, its possible)!

a)You get up in the morning look at the mirror and you dont see it, only your past self which you probably dont like.

You probably get discouraged, stressed, and negative because what you want is "not here yet".

You are trying to say somethings like, I already have _____, and Im happy(but actually you are dont and it only makes you even more desperate). You lose all of your hopes and the whole day is a slow motion drama movie. 

b) You get up in the morning you see yourself in the mirror,even though you see your "unperfect" self you realize that reality is a mirror. It mirrors your inner beliefs. It needs time(actually it doesnt need time but because we always living in this 4th dimension, it will need sometime to reflect your beliefs) to mirror your new self. Even though you dont see what you want, you know that doesnt matter, because you are on your way to your desire. You having a deep breath and exclude all thoughts. You think about things that are good in your life, like:"My life is long journey, its in the right way to my desired self. Day by day it goes in the right direction" or "I will go out tonight with my friends and have a drink" or "Temperature is super in my country" or "Im fukin lazy and still manifest all the things I want" IT DOESNT FUKIN MATTER what you say to yourself.

You only need to increase your vibration, all other things will happen automatically!!!

Remember: Thoughts<Words<Emotions 

Emotions are the language of your Inner self, God, Universe whatever you belive.

They never lie to you. Listen to them, follow them, Be the master for them. 

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