Altering Breast Size/Shape

I've been dissatisfied with my breasts my whole life and it has resulted in a lot of self-consciousness on my part. I'm sure a lot of other women can relate to this kind of thing. I've recently started focusing my visualisation on manifesting my perfect form, but has anyone else had an issue with that particular part of themselves and managed to change it? Any success or advice? Just need that little motivational push, and I've noticed that reading others' success stories and advice goes a long way towards manifesting.


Thanks in advance! ^_^


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  • I'd just  like to give some friendly advice, remember all techniques are simply a permission slip you give yourself to manifest what you wish. Any technique from smelling a candle exactly 15 times, rubbing your tummy, 5, 6, 12, 50, 100, 1000, times will all work. So whatever you require to believe it is possible is the right way. : ] I successfully use this technique to gain and lose muscle at will. Alter my height as much as 2 inches either way. 

    • thank you so much for the advice, i have the same though too, and the technique that you chose took a lot of time or your success were fast?

    • Based on what i did and how long i believed it could take as a minimum subconsciously i assume, it took me around 3-6 days to notice about half an inch of height and over the next two months i gained two inches in total. And as for the muscle it was a steady daily increase in muscle that i had throughout my experience. And you're very welcome : ]

    • welll said Colby thats soooo trueeee!!!! i think cell talking visualizing and meditating is all the same 

  • Yep, sounds like yoou're on the right track. That's the way I did it :)

  • ok so does it matter which way you massage?im moving in this direction : toward my heart then up toward my armpits then toward my chest and again toward my heart and on and on(of course im doing it ON my breasts) im scared i might reduce my current size if i do it the wrong way.i've just started again because i kept forgetting to do it but now im back on track :)
  • Hey ladies, thanks for the post! Am so trying this :)

  • Aha! Thanks Boo! ^_^

  • Thank you! :D

  • Well there's no harm in testing it out for yourself. If you do, let us know. Likewise if I try it, I'll report on my results. I guess any of these exercises go hand-in-hand with/benefit from simultaneous visualisation. The rough concept with the different massages, I think, is moving and unblocking your chi, or 'life force',  that when flowing freely provides optimum health...

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