Altering Breast Size/Shape

I've been dissatisfied with my breasts my whole life and it has resulted in a lot of self-consciousness on my part. I'm sure a lot of other women can relate to this kind of thing. I've recently started focusing my visualisation on manifesting my perfect form, but has anyone else had an issue with that particular part of themselves and managed to change it? Any success or advice? Just need that little motivational push, and I've noticed that reading others' success stories and advice goes a long way towards manifesting.


Thanks in advance! ^_^


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  • Since I first started this post, I've been using chi breast massage twice a day, everyday, as well as visualising, and I've noticed a significant improvement. My breasts feel different, as well as look different. Firmer, fuller, rounder. Just thought I'd give a progress update ^_~ 

  • I've also seen some hypnosis cds for it around, but they looked pretty phony :P Thanks for the post ^_^

  • Your English was good! :P I'll investigate those links. Thanks for the post!

  • Ah, thanks! Sounds like an interesting story. Nice and encouraging ^_~

  • Ive seen hypnosis cds for breast enlargement in the past try it out. :))

  • I have heard of a woman changing her breast size as she lost weight. Apparently she was losing weight on her breasts as well as the rest of her body, and she wasn't happy with that, so she pictured the weight coming off her problem areas like her stomach etc...and pictured it going on to her breasts. I think it was her husband talking about this and it worked! I can't for the life of me remember where I saw this - all I know is it was on TV and I remember thinking that it was a credible source - not like an info thing or some other kind of promotional thing...the story was about losing weight not the mind/body connection. That was just a perk of the story. Anywase, hope that gives you some inspiration!

  • Breast growing/reshaping and penis enlargement used for long time in ORTHODOX hypnotherapy as as an alternative to breast implants, however breast implants costs 5 to 20k, while reshaping your body with the power of ur mind you need only desire,commitment and imagination.
    That's actually the only reason why body reshaping would never be accepted by traditional(nazi ;)) medical world, they need you to feel completely hopeless, NOT powerful ;)
    Anyway, check out these links:
    Also check out this recording -

    Good luck :).

    ps. Sorry for my english

  • Ah! Thank you so much! I'll definitely check it out and give it a try! :D

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