Am I doing something wrong?

I'm going to be at least 5'4. Currently i'm 5'0.

For about a month and a half I've been doing stretches and listening to subliminal videos for growth, and "feeling" tall. I occasionally wear heels to put me into that feeling good feeling tall place. and then today I went to check my height but I'm still 5'0.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please help! :) 

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  • checking to see if you've grown..

    don't worry about checking rather it's working or not....that threw me off I believe.

    just believe that you already have, so there is no need to check.

  • Thank you very much for the helpful comment and insightful links! I'll definitely look into these :)) 

    I do have faith and I don't think I have much doubt- but I guess this entire thread I made can attest otherwise, since if i made this thread about doing something wrong I must have a bit of doubt. 

    I'll just keep looking within myself.

  • thank you! i too use subliminals and stretches for placebo.

    i guess i have to look within myself now. 

  • Thanks Nelly! How exactly should I word it to my cells?

  • This touched me 

    when you see a image in your mind ( or feel it) its real for you? or do you think "im seeing a image, is my imagination"

    I think definitely this is the key. I found myself I do this, when I notice positive changes, I tell myself oh oh I am wrong its just my imagination. It is amazing how one can easily believe that the worst things are bound to happen, and not the other way around.

  • Normally is something that the person are doing or not doing, for example its common one say " im feeling taller or whatever, i did exactly what theacher say to do but not results" when i see it, i dont believe, because when someone are really doing anything the results come.

    So... see what you are not doing, you really feel like is true? when you see a image in your mind ( or feel it) its real for you? or do you think "im seeing a image, is my imagination"

    Look within yourself to discover what you are doing that are prevent your sucess.

    To me stretches and subliminal are only placebos, but it Works if one believe it Works so, do what feel right for you.

  • Try cell talking... worked fory height :)
  • Just chek if something same you are doing....1.are you desperate? Desperation mankes the manifestation slow
    2.. Are you feeling right? Know what you are feeling.... Are you feeling right or something else needs to be added ?
    3.. Your belief system..... Believing in the right helps you reach right
    4... Desire... To grow tall out of any negative feelings.... To show somebody or to seek praise we desire a wish , more than for slef satisfaction .
    5.... Do you have faith? That it will happen .....
    6... To do keep checking, which can put you into fear , doubt , hopeless ness
    7... Are you allowing the steps taken for your height to work for you?
    Note One thing .... When we add a glass of water , a sppon full of sugar , a teaspoon of tea leaves , and a spoonful of milk .. And boli it in right temperature.... The tea has to be prepared.
    But if anything is missing then ..... You know it.... Tea will not be complete

    To know more
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