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Hello everyone!My main goal right now is to achieve a more androgynous look. I was born a female, but I've never been very at ease with the way my body looked and the expectations society has about me as a woman. I feel like it's just not who I am. I would feel way more comfortable as a more masculine/androgynous-looking person, so that's what I'm trying to achieve right now. I've been into LOA for quite some time now, but I haven't really been able to make big changes to my appearance. Mostly because - like I said - I'm not very comfortable with the way I look (although I'm getting better at accepting my body). I have wide hips accompanied by big thighs and butt, and that's what I struggle with most. My height isn't that great either (I'm really short), so I hope I can change this as well.Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Any tips? Thank you very much in advance!Much love,Cas

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  • Don't overthink the process.

    Just feel good.

    Feel at ease with your body.

    Notice more things about it to appreciate.

    Especially the more androgynous parts.

    Emphasis every aspect of it that you like.

    If, and ONLY if, it gets you feeling good, picture yourself as you want to be....and let those good feelings wash over you, feel that love for your body. But don't think about all. Don't think so much about the process in general.

    And some point you'll just "let go" of your manifestation, and perhaps it will go to the back of your mind, and this is good because you're not sending out the vibration "my body still needs to make changes."

    Be chill.

  • Wishing you the best!

  • Whether people have experience with this or not does not matter. It's down to you. LOA is all the same whether you're asking for $5, $500,000, clear skin, or a whole different body. It's all the same to the Universe. You still follow all the same rules no matter what you're asking for. If it's not showing up, you are either not letting go enough, or you have too much resistance. There are many ways to reduce limiting beliefs such as meditation and the Sedona Method. You can also try Subliminal Audio videos on YouTube. Those have great results if you're dedicated enough to keep a routine. :) good luck!
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