any real changes ?????

Seriously , have you manifested any actual changes ? i mean changing eye color or changing your features (looking like the celebrity you like) or making your hair grow longer in 3 days for example ...

and please if your answer is yeah , then post some before/after pics because i'm really getting frustrated !

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  • Hi Yarden,

    i cant remember exactly what i said but you can say that.its like having a conversation with a friend.i didnt do any visualization,just cell talking :)

    Good luck!
  • Hey Fairytale, 

    What exactly do you say when you cell talk? Do you just ask your cells like, "hey cells can you please make my eyelashes grow/lips plump etc?" or did you also use visualization?

  • mimi , you can do ANYTHING , make moles diappear are including , listen , you dont have no idea because you dont need know how it works , when you try use why ?? how?? you are lost in a infinite circle of confusion , just talk with your cell or do whatever method you like , its not neeed reason or logic .

    I was a atheist and i have a special irritation with christians because i always talking "come on , its bullshit you guys dont see that it dont make any sense?? " , the answer are something like " faith dont need any reason , you have or not"...well i dont like admit , but they are right :) :) :)


    It took me a good time to understand why this power work (and i yet dont believe in God) , but its works better when you forget all the ideas about " why??"" how??" just accept that it works , and you will see.


    Is really fast...when i fist read about Loa , i thinked "i will make my eyes change colors"...i start , and a few days , they are brighter...i scream AMAZING , AMAZING , AMAZING right?? no , i start giving excuses like " huum , it too much fast , maybe its only my perception" , " come on , you are like theses weird peoples that believe in this mumbo jumbo??"


    I increase my height a bit , the same thing , the same excuses , what happens ?? its make my changes slowly , but it happens even with doubts , even with fear , etc..what make me realise that i can make my own way , and have freedom .


     When you discard you ego , you stories about what its possible or not , the changes speed ...

    • thank you Jota, I know you're right, I just wonder if it's possible, some people saw them disappear through hypnosis I think so I guess.. but I have SO many (hundreds)..

      btw you said you read a book on visualization, what was it?


  • Its nice to hear of your success Stephanie!funny enough,when i used to do cell talking(when David was around)my skin and my eyelashes were two things that i changed!i also plumped up my lips and changed my eyes a bit.All these things took a matter of days to work,it started working at day two or three,cant really remember.and i did it all at the same time.At that time David was doing more than 10 things at a time!

    Good luck ;)
  • hi thank you for this wonderful post!

    I grew up with loadsa moles and liver spots and recently I've been increasingly self-conscious about them esp because no one around me has got as much and some of them are so not beautiful. I have then read it could come from a poor liver which would make sense as that's my issue.

    Do you think we can make them disappear through the mind? I think it's easier to believe we can lose weight for ex but here it means removing some skin somehow and have no idea how the cells can do that and if they can do that.

    any advice?

    • What's your diet like?!

  • The key to manifesting the change is to accept that it has already happened. Since it has already happened you should visualize yourself with the change that you have manifested. Everyone has a different routine to make themselves believe in the change. My method is that I am constantly telling myself that I have what I want. For example lets say you want to change your eye color from brown to blue. Therefore you constantly tell yourself that my eye color is blue. After a while you start to notice that you are thinking it subconsciously without having to repeat the words yourself. In addition you should make a recording with your voice telling yourself that my eye color is blue. Make a recording with an instrumental that you really enjoy so that when your listening to the recording you are really enjoying it. This should be done when you wake up and go to bed for at least a half hour. In addition you should think positively and more importantly feel happy. A key factor to note is that you should not think about time. Time does not exist and only serves to set a mental block in your goal which as you remember you have already achieved. The key in all this is to make the conscious decision to change. When a person wants something so badly they will attain it, its only a matter of how strong their belief is. Everything is possible and therefore anything can be manifested. As a human being your mind creates the world that you live in . How you perceive yourself is controlled by your mind and if you perceive yourself in a certain way then your mind will adapt to it and create it in the outside world. Another key factor in all this is to stay away from negative influences that will lead to you contradicting yourself and cause frustration. Stay away from drugs and alcohol and enjoy the feeling of having what you want. There is no greater feeling then that. Just imagine that right now you have your exact desire. Feel that feeling of utter bliss and use that feeling to propel you to your goal. This isn't a tactic that should be used simply for changing your appearance, but should be used in all your endeavors. Remember God created you to be happy! We all just happen to be born in different families and have different natures. But we can all achieve our greatest desires. I know many of you are looking all over the internet for inspiration or an answer on how to be successful. But you already have the answer. Everyone in this forum can be successful and there is nothing standing in your way but yourself. Remember, God gave you all the tools that you need to be successful in your goals, therefore I have no doubt what so ever that every person can manifest what they desire. Patience, positivity, perseverance and happiness are all you need in life to get what you want!

  • Wow stephanie! You just explained to me the meaning of believing as if you already have it! I always had the wrong idea and now I understand that I have to love my appearance now because that's the only way I will be able to receive it! THANK YOU! Good luck with your nose! It is already beautiful! (:

  • Wow Stephanie, that's amazing!! Congratulations. Would you be so kind as to share with us the process you used to achieve some of your desired changes in such a short space of time?

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