any real changes ?????

Seriously , have you manifested any actual changes ? i mean changing eye color or changing your features (looking like the celebrity you like) or making your hair grow longer in 3 days for example ...

and please if your answer is yeah , then post some before/after pics because i'm really getting frustrated !

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  • If you don't believe it's true then why are you on this group trying to discourage everyone. I know about skeptics who won't wholeheartedly give anything a chance and yet will try to selfishly crush someone else's belief.

    As for me I only have an increase in the length of my eyelashes and my skin is a bit clearer. I haven't changed anything else because I keep thinking about it and changing my mind about whether or not I want to change it

  • grew over night? How can we rightfully and successfully command it?

  • It definitely can be done. Here's some of Joseph Pierce Farrell's work. He uses Qi energy to mild people's faces. Also heals physically. I do reiki, which is utilising Qi, and I can heal people with my hands but I'm not advanced enough nor do I practise enough to do this level of healing yet. This always gives me hope that you don't need a surgeons knife to change bone and tissue and perhaps the energy of your divine nature is the most beautiful of sculptors!


  • Ewerson also posted pictures of him, growing one inch ( before/after) pictures

    plus Rizne posted, plus also David posted ( of his hair changing color)

    and now, one  member posted pics of her changing her skin color ( I forgot her name)

    for me, this is a proof enough to believe 

    • David disappeared from this forum time ago..

    • One inch is not a proof. I could be reached by stretching or with posture change...sorry

    • mmm can you post the links? I could not find them.

  • The same again....words, words but no proof...

    Of couse you will say..."you don't need pictures to believe" or.. "you decide to believe or not" but..there is a lot of hopeful people here, looking for help. They dont deserve lose their time..

  • Some people actually did on other threads

  • This thread is here since february 2012, and nobody could even post a picture showing a minimum change. Everything here is very theoretical.... perhaps we should begin consider LOA dows not work for changing physical appearance.

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