I found an interesting article: http://www.yogaforums.com/forums/f20/i-completely-cured-my-eyesight-through-samadhi-samyama-meditation-10505.html

Anyone know the steps to this type of meditation? My desired goals are: Get Taller + Change Eye Color + Improve Eyesight a bit

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  • Meditation as loa technique would be good, I'm guessing for the focus, and if u only focused on desire in meditation, would it be easier to let go as well?
  • Thanks for the link!

  • The whole purpose of meditation is to have NO purpose at all.

  • Great link and great posts :)

  • Thanks for taking time to post! Can you teach me how exactly to meditate though? Like what do you concentrate on?

    • So basically, it's a form of relaxation?

  • Yeah and literally if all you did was meditate, you wouldnt have to practice any loa techniques whatsoever. Meditation will refine your mind spirit and body and make those processes completely autonomous.

  • Imo I think of Meditation as a way to clear your mind and body and also to help manifestations since you're more relaxed and thinking more clearly of your desires. Though I'm not sure how meditation works. Is it like you just sit down, close your eyes, and focus on breathing?

    • Yes, Meditation will make you much calmer. But the point of meditation is to make the will and focus strong to the point where you barely even need to think of your desires.

      I can't really explain it thorougly. I recommend googling basic concentration/mindfulness practices and just doing that those alot.

    • Supposedly meditation helps connect with body or higher self. There's a lot mentioned about it, some of which I don't agree with, so I don't do. But I think meditation is a easy thing to do that takes a while to perfect. Please don't use this last quote out of context. What I mean is if meditate everyday I think any1 can reach a certain state, alpha etc or whatever it's supposed to be. I say it takes a while to perfect becuz not everyone can keep mind quiet for hrs at time easily. Ppl use it for diff reasons. I admit I have issue feeling out own body sometimes, so I just meditate in silence.
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