I found an interesting article: http://www.yogaforums.com/forums/f20/i-completely-cured-my-eyesight-through-samadhi-samyama-meditation-10505.html

Anyone know the steps to this type of meditation? My desired goals are: Get Taller + Change Eye Color + Improve Eyesight a bit

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  • I've read this article as well, But he's not talking about using meditation to manifest he's talking about meditation has enhanced his mind to the point where eyesight is drastically improved. This is why I don't even practice manifestation/loa, I just meditate because when the mind is strong, manifestation becomes a natural occurrence. Most people are simply trying to force it with their weak minds and get no results and even have to delude themselves.  Also, Most people that take up meditation TO manifest are impatient and stop meditating because they don't get what they want. Forget about your goals, Just meditate and work on your mind. Please do not just nonchalantly agree with this post and then forget about it a few hours later, study meditation and controlling your ability to focus and discipline yourself and it's relation to the principles of loa. 

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