Are there born-again Christians out here?

Hello. I am just wondering whether or not there are any real Christians in this group, because I am really lost and I really need to talk to some other believers. By "real" I mean people who are truly trying to dedicate their life to the Creator, who respect and try to apply the laws, who repented and follow Jesus Christ the best they can, and of course who study their Bible and make vivid researches about it (by the way if you want some really interesting researches, I can share them with you). I don't mean people who choose what they want to take in the Holy Bible and get the rest elsewhere where it is more convenient to them. Because I feel like everyone here is mostly new age/buddhist/hinduist and since I don't really agree with any of it I'd like to know. I indeed would really love to change most of my appearance and I came by the law of attraction principle while I was still pretty lost in new age and wasn't converted to Christianity and it seemed like my only hope. But now, I don't know anymore what is true and what is not. I pray and ask God to show me if I can do this and how, to tell me and to help me accept the truth whatever it is, but I must be blind to His answer. I think I just don't want to accept it if the answer's no. So I'd like to know if some Christians here have experienced something similar. Thank you in advance and sorry for any typos, I am not English!


Thank to the people who had replied to this post. I guess admins closed it and deleted all the comments I had before I could even read them all. Sorry for that. I re-opened it, just in case. But I got most of the answers I was looking for, so thanks. After that incident, I don't think I will participate a lot to this forum (if I don't get banned for talking about religion, which I really wouldn't care). Good luck to all.

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  • Most born again christians I know consider LOA downright satanic and tampering with demons. Honestly, If you're truly born again then you shouldn't really care about changing your appearance because you'd be tampering with god's creation. Sure you should definitely exercise, eat healthy, and sleep well but still loa seems contrary to the bible in that you take control of your life rather than giving full control to god. In the bible, It speaks of how you will be given a Glorified body in New jeruslem that is basically super powerful and perfect, so just look forward to that then. 

    But you seem to be experiencing some sort of personal conflict so you might just end up going to back to loa. who knows.

  • Hi, if you need someone to talk to, i am here

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