Astonishing progress:))

Hello all,

I have been in this appearance changing journey for a few months now and, even though I never gave up, i have had my ups and downs and i have gone through many stages until i realized everything i needed to actually consciously create the change. When i first started i wasn't very sure of exactly what i wanted but i had my affirmations (i recorded them and listened to them while i was sleeping) and then i went through so many stages literally getting to know myself through the process of changing my appearance and making many realizations. I had a pretty fast progress, reading and becoming more and more aware I formed my desires, re-recorded my affirmations improved and getting to a point where i felt i knew more. Then, i kept on with this routine, imagining myself already the way i wanted throughout the day and that helped a little but i felt i couldn't let go and had a rough time there. Finally getting to the point where i am now i have let go a sufficient amount: thinking about my change like i already have it only when it feels good and positive yet not comparing myself to others and not having my happiness depend on it, stopped self sabotaging, generally being in a really good place, and finally realizing what i was missing to feel like i already have everything i desire: the confidence that comes with having all those things (until then i waited to see the changes before i started feeling confident but now i am confident and thankful for having them and boy does it work!) i also re-recorded my affirmations to include that. Furthermore, i found a new technique to listen to them which, for me, is crazy effective: i don't listen to them repeatedly while i sleep, instead i listen to them once right before i sleep. I lie in my bed completely relaxed and play the tape, i reach a really deep point of relaxation but i am awake while i listen to it, then toward the end i fall asleep. This is the most effective method i've ever tried and it helps you get a good night sleep. And nowwww how i know there are results even though i'm not quite there yet: every day i see myself closer and closer to what i want to look like and i CONSTANTLY feel a strong throbbing and tingling sensation all over my face! (btw this is great because i wanted gradual change not like i'll wake up and it will have magically manifested in one night) and literally day by day i can actually see how much closer i get and i'm really exited:) 

I guess the bottom line of this is, other than offering inspiration, that you need to take your time and go through stages with your change and when you are ready for it to become real and welcome it you will just know it but in any case don't give up because you just know that the stage that comes after the one you most feel like giving up is THE one that's worth the most because that's when changes happen!!

Good luck to you all:)

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  • Yes every day is a getting closer!:)) everything is going as I wanted. Everyone can do it as long as you overcome what's blocking you and holding you back, which isn't always the easiest but it's totally worth it and after that you have complete control over your change:D i hope you have amazing success

    • Hey Anna, nice to hear you're making such progress! Can I ask you : how did you overcome what was blocking you? Because I have the feeling there are things blocking me as well but I don't know how to resolve them. Thank you :)

    • actually i constantly thought a lot about my change, maybe over-thought so i came to a lot of realizations on my own but a guided meditation i found on youtube is what helped me the most even though it's not for that purpose:

    • Anna, how did this meditation help you?
    • Every time i thought too much about my change and had like really negative thoughts and doubts i listened to this and i stopped thinking, it also removes negative blocks. So, by listening to this every time i felt bad about it, it has helped remove my doubts and what's blocking me and it has generally been of great help. It also talks about achieving your dreams and becoming the person you want to be so it can work to help you with physical change.

      I hope it helps you too in such situations, i've also made a post about it "solution to feeling bad about your change"

    • EFT, the user guidingray teaches it and posted a lot about it on the forums
    • Thank you Lydia! I was already planning on using EFT (with a professional, I don't think I can do it on my own just yet) so now I know I really should do EFT as soon as possible ;)

  • Love your story! Any progress to share?

  • Yes, it feels like everything you want is happening and it's not just in your head:)

  • I am changing gradually and a lot of things at a time so everything i wanted has been changing but not too drastically, exactly how i wanted it to. That means i can't tell you i wanted to change this and that and i have now changed that.. everything is halfway there:)

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