Beauty Ritual

Hi everyone. 

I wanted to start this for quite some time, but I tend to procrastinate when I do things by myself. 

So, instead of doing it at the last moment, I was wondering if some people of this group would like to join me.

I want to do some kind of beauty ritual. I know, we're supposed to feel like we already achieved what we're trying to achieve, but it seems like this whole concept doesn't put me at ease and makes me feel anxious because I'm still lacking a few steps. 

So before getting to that stage, I wonder if anyone wants to do the following stuff with me for at least a month or two : 

- Daily beauty affirmations (15min, 2x a day)

- Meditation and visualisation (both at the same time for about 15min a day)

[Additional : Creative visualisation 24/7, should be done only if it gives u hope, makes u feel happier blabla, if it's not the case and bad feelings pop up while doing this, stop] 

Of coure, if you're in, you're not obliged to do what I mentioned the days you feel like it'll lower your vibration more than everything. One of the most important thing in this "beauty ritual" is to feel good about yourself (or in general). 

If you feel like saying the affirmations will be useless, and u still feel like it's useless after doing it a few times, there's no need to force yourself since it will not work. 

How you feel is more important. 

Send me a message, or leave a comment down below if you're interested. 

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  • I need to be more disciplined/regular in general and this is motivating so I'll give this a try as well :)
  • Great, I just sent a friend request to both of you. =) Thanks.

  • I'm in too!!! This will be fun :D

  • I'm in! :) that's the motivation I needed

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