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Hello guys, hope everyone is well! So I've been really into my subliminal videos on YouTube recently and at the moment am listening to matrixplay99's booster then mind powers seductive face one, then matrixplay99's slim hourglass one and then finish with jamz subliminals supernatural beauty and charm one, I have noticed a few changes in these last few days but just wanted to know has anyone had success stories from these kind of things and please share them? :)

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  • My mind power video has definitely given me more sparkly bigger eyes! And my Cupid bow has gotten more nicer! Only just started these 3 again after a little break but am really gonna stick with it this time and update...
  • Very impressive!! 

  • I haven't got any beauty ones to share, but I think I have been seeing health changes with hypnodaddy and Hmm not sure who other one is by.

    But I have been wondering about subliminals, as in, which ones the people on this group have been having success with so thank you!

  • Yes the hour glass one I'm listening to before bed and the mind power one I listen to during the day, always 4 times in a row each time..thanks for the reply guys
  • I like subliminals, too! I usually listen to Mind Power. It took a little getting used to the talking voices, but since I have tried so many different kinds of brain entrainment, so far it is well worth it. I'm glad y'all are having nice results.

  • Hi! I've been using the slim hourglass one for a month and I lost weight, my arms and legs are thinner, and my waist is actually starting to curve in, I also got slightly wider hips.
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