Becoming gorgeous

I want to change few things on my appearance, i want to be gorgeos, my hair to become naturally light blond ( now i dye it), my eyebrows to become light brown, my eyes bigger and very light blue colour ( now dark blue), long thick curly eyelashes, and my lips a bit smaller and symmetrical ( i had a bad lip augmentation years ago with silicone).I have read success Stories of people visualizing they look like certain celebrity or someone they want to look like. There is no one i want to look like, so i am finding it more difficult to visualize myself being gorgeous.Do you think i should search on the internet tryin to find someone i would like to look like and then visualize myself with that face? Or how do you think i should do it?Thanks.

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  • Thanks for your answers :) i will focus on the feeling, and will keep trying to visualize all the changes at once, even do i am having a bit of trouble holding the image in my mind for long.
  • focus on the feeling behind ur visualization, dont force it

  • Be careful with phrase " like name of person" universe knows what you want but if ppl are cahanging becuz we are made of information, that also means other people are changing too. Do what feels right.
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