Hello Everyone.As I said in my last post, I've been doing EFT and it seemed to help clearing my mind removing blockages and making me feel sincerely beautiful. So, I've been in a really great mood and positive mindset for a few days, since an hour ago my mind started panicking...And thoughts like "I won't change at all", "I will be ugly as I've always been"showed up, and appeared in my mind memories of pictures when I was really ugly even if I felt beautiful...Now I'm really scared and anxious and I don't know what to do. I'm doubting about my mind's power and this whole process.Please I need help from someone who has already experienced changes.If you have any tips or advice, I'm here.Thank you in advance and forgive me if I wrote something wrong

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  • Everyone has bad days in this process. The way I look at it is that when you can catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts that is a fantastic thing, because it means you are aware of them, so they don't have as much power. If you know they are there, then you can flush them out using a variety of methods, including EFT. Just thank them for sharing and release them. Sometimes these thoughts come up because your inner child is scared of change - even positive change, so it's a good time to reassure and soothe yourself. Keep going, be gentle with yourself, and whatever you do don't repress those negative thoughts. Allow them to surface, look at them and release them. They often have a message that you can turn to your advantage.
  • It happens, and don't feel down or feel that you've slowed the process. We have lived our entire lives in this stupid world with their dumb beliefs so these things will happen and we all hold bad past memories. Don't resist, allow yourself to feel them and write them all out so that you can make yourself feel better again. Do the feelings method explained on the forum, it helps write out the pain and helps in feeling better because you've written out what hurts you. Also do a gratitude journal, it helps in staying happy about things we do have and you can even write your desires as they already exist here. Feelings method would be good to try first though so that you can allow yourself to feel the feelings and then get over em. 

  • Thank you so much Korrin! You've been really specific and detailed in what you said , and I really appreciate it.
    I'll follow your suggestions and let you know.
    I'm actually waiting for a day-off to dedicate time to myself , to understand the reasons behind the resistances and do EFT properly using these new information.
  • Keep up with the EFT or focusing on the (negative) sensations in your body until they dissipate (as Adriana already suggested), also when garbage thoughts of “I won’t change at all” pops up it’s actually an awesome opportunity to clear those out and basically it’s just telling you what to work on so you can strengthen your belief.

    I would also suggest that if a situation like this appears again to ask yourself the questions; “What does it feel like to be my ideal beautiful self?” and focus on the feeling that you are already it and how you (and other people) would see you as that person. You could continue with asking questions as “Knowing it to be true that I am my beautiful ideal self, how would I act? What would I see? How would my friends or family respond?” and picture how that would look (and make it as real as possible). Finally you could ask the question “Can you accept that you already have it, that you are already it?”, if there are any contradicting beliefs you can pick them right up from there.

    You could also use the positive opposite, instead of saying or thinking silly things like “I won’t change at all” you can change it to something like “It’s so incredibly easy for me to change, I believe in myself and I know exactly what to do and how to do it” or “I will be ugly as always” to “I know I always been sincerely beautiful and I choose to feel that way right now, because I know it to be true” and put some emotion into it as you think or say it to yourself.

    Also gratitude would help, as in saying “I’m so happy and grateful that I look so incredibly yummy and gorgeous” or “Isn’t it wonderful and such a relief that I look so amazing?”

    A small NLP trick you could do when you see images of yourself where you see yourself as “unattractive” is to basically push that image in your mind into the distance until you no longer see it anymore. It’ll remove the emotional sting / negative value from it, and repeat when necessary.

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for your comment radioactive.
    I'll continue with eft. Last night I watched a video about eft and self-sabotage and there were many advices to work on.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUB59CN_XxM  Dr Dain Heer, helps body release emotional baggage through questioning.   Pay attention when he says , ask: "Hey, body who does this belong to? who does this judgement belong to?". what is the value do I get out of this ? See, that judgement could come from your mom(for example) who told you something when you were young and your body bought it as yours".  We pick up a lot of baggage from people, if you understand energy you will get it. Also, when you go to the gym you pick it up because that is a place for most judgement.  I am telling you, this will help watch this video take notes. EFT is good but it will take a long time if you dont do some deep work and ask right questions..

      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • I'll watch it as soon as I can. Thank you so much Andriana, you're a really supportive person in this comunity :)
  • Thank you so much Adriana,You're always so supportive.
    I think i will do more eft and maybe I'll talk with my inner child.
  • yup, adriana's comment is right-on. 

    Really feel that negativity, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and then love yourself no matter what.

    Also, like what shipra did, while you are doing this whole process of feeling your negativity, just do eft tapping (without any scripts, just the action)

  • Our bodies have emotional baggage stored in the body and now that you are changing your beliefs..your body and mind is resisting it, its like danger to it. It feels horrible the first few weeks or months for some people. Ever taken science? Getting passing the activation process for any process take tremendous amount of energy work but then once you reach it..boom.I know that pain you are feeling..so my advice? STOP judging it. Allow yourself to feel it...DONT resist it. Breath througt..very important...Breath Good shit in breath garbage out. Tell yourself..I hear you...I know you feel this..I know this doubting hurts..I a with you I am not leaving you...You have carried this pain for so long..Im not gonna look away I am gonna let myself feel it...a lot of it is inner child work trapped inside whatever age you judge yourself the most. Also, be kind to yourself, treat yourself, to yummy things..perfumes anything that rewards you. WORKOUT. like boxing helps the body release any negative emotion.. BE PRESENT when you feel the pain..dont judge it...just observe it... Breath through it.. dont run from it. Look into ACCESS to conciousness...DR Dain heer, he has amazing body work techniques. You can also ask..what will it take body? what will it take to get through this doubt? In access cociousness there is clearing statement Right Wrong good bad , POD POC all nine shorts and beyond... there is a whole science behind it. look it up. Also, you r not alone. most of us are going through it

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