Best subliminal message tracks?

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I'm new to this forum, but I have been following you all's discussion about changing physical appearance with loa.  A few people mentioned subliminal mp3s as a good way of training our minds to think differently.  What are the best companies to buy from?  I've heard from several sources that brainwave entrainment is a scam, but I can't verify that, having never purchased from them.  Some of the evidence people have given includes the fact that there is no college or university that acknowledges brainwave entrainment as a field of study, and so the owner of the company couldn't possibly be a "specialist" in the field.  I'm just wondering which mp3s have worked for you, and which might be best for achieving a physical change.  If anyone has any ideas, they are greatly appreciated!

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  • Thank you Justen! I may give these a try.
    • Hello, 

      Do you know how many subliminal mp3s we can listen at a time??

      Thank you :-)

  • Bill Marshall-Power Affirmations mixed with Kelly Howell Brain Sync New Releases - Clear Wave Creativity (delta waves)

    Bill speaks on health, money, self confidence, etc. while the delta waves activate my mind
    I have seen a change in income so I co-sign with these. I fall asleep to both playing along side each other.

    You can also check out

    Dantalion Jones - Delta Success Programming
    Amazing Brain Training
    Luanne Oakes - Spiritual Alchemy (chakra cleansing with subliminal messages)

    thats about as far as my collection goes

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