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  • Everything's a tool for belief. Subs can work, and I have a theory why they can take weeks or months,and please any1 who responds after, please don't bash me for saying can, I just got a theory. So we all kno stuff varries for body, evrything boils down to dna and matter. No this doesn't mean a person can't grow. Now ex:eyes take a few weeks. Let's look at biology a sec, eyes functions same, tissue is same, only shift is whatever makes color. Now it's hard to believe instant results, but you prolly should accept a certain baseline as a min or max, then work on picking own timeline. My theory is its not how many changes, but what changes you want. My theory on height is you either add matter or biology does so it can take longer. Now overall point of my theory, looks is like low grade shifting, I say low grade cuz it your dna and overall biological function is same. You can force change you can get. If sub feels right do it. As for vid posted, it looks a little incomplete, I was wondering if reposted after she got hazel eyes
  • The title of the youtube video is  misleading, her eyes didn't even turn to hazel, they turned a bit honey and that can depend on the intensity of lighting.  Her eyes are not hazel nor green and she had some pretty stunning eyes to begin with to me. I am sorry but I just dont see it, I am beginning to thonk subliminals are not that really that helpful ,, and that I shouldnt even start one for growing taller. 

  • thank you so much for sharing motivated me a lot
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