So found this on reddit, abetterguy wrote it, All kudos to him. I think it summarizes why we fail to achieve our desires. Its a must read! :)

...You attract what you are.

It can be difficult to figure this out if you've always lived by the phrase "If I think, then I am." Let's firstly say that Descartes was an extremely deluded person. Just think for a moment - is it really possible for something to think before existing? Something must exist beforehand, that's why there is a capacity to think!

Don't be fooled by the modern society's emphasis on thoughts. Thoughts are powerful, yes. But they're mostly effects, instead of causes.

Thoughts come from the Silence of Source. So do emotions. So does your vibration. So does everything else in the world. And a direct connection with Source is when you raise your vibration to that abundance.

Your vibes don't increase because of what you think. You're getting it the wrong way.

Some people say: "I thought this, that's why it happened".

No, no, no. It's very logical. Why does it only happen to some and not others? It's very simple. It's because the thought is an effect. It's produced from something. The difference is whether it is counterfeit/pretend or genuine.

For the one who fails to manifest, it is produced from insecurity. For the one who manifests, it is produced from Source.

There is a very subtle difference here, and learning it can really make the difference in your life right now.

The former (failure) is on a very superficial level. You think you become that way, but it only stays on the conscious mind level. It doesn't "SINK" in. The subconscious mind is pushing it away. Even worse, the universal mind is not even recognizing it.

The latter (success) is on a very, very deep level. It is so deep, it goes all the way to Source. It goes through a purified subconscious mind, straight to the universal mind.

Here's one very easy example:

  • The counterfeit tries to learn techniques to perform something. He lives by 'fake it till you make it'. Do this, get this. He lives in his mind. He's analytical. He thinks: How can I do this trick to get this to work? When something doesn't go to plan, he gets frustrated because his techniques didn't work.

  • The genuine natural simply knows. He is the embodiment of it. He directs things to work his way. Even if they didn't, he doesn't care because it eventually works out. He has not the slightest inkling of doubt. He has his core purpose. He has this deep purpose that centers him, and allows him to gravitate events towards him - a form of attraction.

You can see an example of this in any kind of situation. In guy dating, there is all that talk about pickup artistry (I include this because of so many threads about this topic here). The genuine natural is one who really enjoys being himself, being open and honest, vulnerable and seeking his own purpose. He goes for what he wants without fear.

Another example is learning a skill or profession. You try to follow a rolemodel on what he does on the outside. You learn the way he swings, etc. But then you forget the inner attitude he has. The vibration he exudes. The way he lives his life.

Don't look at the externals and become all analytical. You want to change your CORE, not your thoughts. When your core adjusts, your thoughts naturally change.

In manifestation, there are the people who rely on techniques. There are slip-ups, some work suddenly - But then it's because for that one time, the core expressed itself. But then it fades away again because no one ever realized that it is all coming from source. The vibrations plunge back down.

Manifestation is not a one-off thing. It's ongoing. On and on and on. Unceasingly. Right now, you have manifested exactly what you are and how you are.

So how do you make the switch from counterfeit to natural?

You already are!!! You just need to realize and BELIEVE it.

But I don't mean that you can switch your old belief patterns and habits in a blink of an eye! Any knot on a string still requires some time to unravel, right?

What I mean is that some people that I've talked to admit that they still have reservations. They have a slight inner fear that they'll never get what they want. They have a slight doubt about it all. What's LOA anyway, does it really work, blah blah blah.

That's all great.

But firstly you must stop pushing these fears away. You must acknowledge them. Say to yourself right now. See these fears in yourself and say them out loud: "I am fearful of _____".

Now forgive yourself for it.

Running away is not the solution, my friend. The only way to a solution, is to be aware of a problem.

You must heighten your awareness.

You see, your mind is like a fish tank.

If you throw dirt into the tank everyday, it's bound to get all murky and dirty! And by dirt, I mean negative thoughts and emotions. They're ugly! Hate, anger, lust, loathing, pain, suffering, shame, guilt, fear, frustration, agitation, etc. All these tiny amounts... if you throw them everyday into the tank, one day your tank will be so opaque that light won't even enter it.

But right now, you can stop that.

Firstly, stop adding more dirt into your tank! When you realize that your hand is full of dirt, you know that you shouldn't put the dirt into your tank. Then you let go of it and give yourself a smile.

Then look around for the dirt in your tank. When you are aware of it, then look at it, then throw it out of the tank! It's really that simple. Even if you can scoop just a tiny bit out, do it. Everyday, keep scooping it out. Scoop it out, throw it out!

Throwing it out is letting go. Letting go is forgiving yourself. Forgiveness raises your vibes. Eventually, your tank becomes clearer and clearer. Light easily shines through.

When light easily shines through, you start to spot where the dirt is. You become sensitive to blissfulness. You appreciate everything around you. You breathe in the fresh air and feel so much gratefulness for being alive. You go through suffering with a stable mind, knowing that everything passes.

Brighter and brighter your mind becomes. One day, you reach a mind so pure, so bright.

Let me say that this tank reflects your vibe!

What are ways to become brighter, while scooping the dirt out?

  • Start a gratitude or manifestation journal. Be grateful for things that you don't realize you manifested. Be grateful for the ugly things. Be grateful for the interconnectivity of all things in the world. Be grateful for what you don't like. Start to realize that you've been manifesting even the smallest things.

  • FIND YOUR PURPOSE. This is so, so important. What excites you? What feels you with positive emotions and pure happiness? How can you serve others? The highest form of happiness is to bring happiness to others. But how can you do it? If you love music, how can you bring that love to others? If you love helping others, how can you achieve it? Listen to your heart. Listen, listen, listen! There is an inner voice within you, it has always been there. You just need to learn how to be silent with your thoughts and hear it within you. That beautiful, wise power. That intuition that never lets you down.

  • Have mastery over your mind and body. They influence each other. You're feeling tired? Well, that's because you're believing in it. Get up and stretch. Breathe in energy. Feel yourself bursting. Raise your vibes. Say "I love you" to someone else. Overflow. Be abundant. CREATE. Get into flow. You are a creator, not someone who takes or reacts. You change the world. That's the only time where you feel alive. It just takes that tiny mental switch. It's possible.

  • Find friends with high vibes. People with low vibes tend to throw out tons of dirt into you. If you haven't mastered the art of equanimity, then you're likely to be sucked down to their low vibes. There are several methods of preventing the loss of your own energy, but that's another lesson :) The best way is to avoid! But always share your love. Love never depletes. The more you love, the more you receive from Source.

  • You don't want to be thinking about "I need this" or "I want this". Kick all of that away. Don't think about it now until you've fixed your mind and cleared out your tank! When your tank is clear, then you can think literally anything, and it will happen as long as it is aligned with your inner intuition. When you become needy or possessive, you're not a creator - you're a taker, a manipulator, a leech. To become a creator, you must give! That's your expression. Find some way to be abundant. Grow. Kick away all those negative habits and replace them with positive ones.

I hope this helped :)

Love to you.

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  • "People with low vibes tend to throw out tons of dirt into you. If you haven't mastered the art of equanimity, then you're likely to be sucked down to their low vibes. There are several methods of preventing the loss of your own energy, but that's another lesson :)"

    Can anyone direct me to that lesson lol? That's a skillset I'd love to have.

  • Wow this was an amazing post!!!!

  •  Works for the body and the mind. "For the body, if you're eating terribly most of the time, that additional vitamin isn't going to do much to make you suddenly perfectly healthy. The less artificial or toxic things the body has to deal with, the easier it can function the way it was designed to, naturally."

    Actualy this is common thinking, i realise that what i will say is not politically correct, but if one day one need a miracle, who knows if he or she can remember it, this above is a sort of negative prayer, facts affect conciousness, but consciousness also affect facts, so, if a person believe that nothing can harm the body, then it become true, this become a fact in the physical world (in the body).

    There are peoples that ingest poison, and then nothing happens, they train to reach that  place, dont do it, just know or try undestand that your belief can create a placebo (positive effect) but also a nocebo (negative effect).

    I know a guy that go crazy when someone say that food can affect negatively the body, he do all sort of crazy things with the body and nothing happens  to him, he say that what make food dangerous is YOUR THINKING.



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