Best Tips and Resources part 1 of 4

I looked through all of the discussions in this group and sorted all of the incredible things I learned into categories of different approaches I learned we can take to transform our appearances. I will list the categories along with quotes from Powerful Intentions members that go along with them.

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people on here who offer your advice, testimonials, and support! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

There are so many great tips that the whole list exceeds the maximum word limit, so i will post it in parts.

Here is part 1:

 Mist technique

A lot to say about this one, just check out the discussion:


Subliminal cd programs



“Haunt Me, EFT is perfect for letting go...Marlene Marion has an 'Any Issue' session that you can tap on. It's all
scripted out for you, you just insert the feeling/emotion/situation that you
are tapping on.”


Great PI discussion on EFT:


Gratitude journal

And after each thing I write I take just a few seconds to reflect upon it...if it's the stuff I'm already grateful for, I just reflect on
how wonderful it is to have that in my life. If it's something I'm currently
manifesting, I will actually imagine white light surrounding this thing or
situation. That's me sending positive energy and love.”



“But the biggest thing for me is I do it when I feel like it. If I feel like I'm forcing it and don't feel like writing
anything, then I usually just don't. I'm very capricious like that about
certain things lol. But when it hits me to do it, it REALLY makes a difference

I      DragonLady


Letting Go

“Let go of your desire to change. Letting go of good feelings is just as important if not more than letting go of the negative ones.

Think of it this way. Picture a handful of sand. If you cup your hand, the sand will sit there just fine. If you close your hand and attempt
to hold onto the sand by clasping tightly, it will flow out between your
fingers and fall away. This is how positive feelings work.

The other aspect is that your subconscious mind still has its old programming and is trying to assert that. The best thing to do is to
recognize it for what it is and let it go, allowing yourself to focus more
fully on your image.”

Mike S

 “Letting go is actually a built in ability that we all have, we are just trained by society to

hold on. Meditation can work but the trick is to actually fully acknowledge and
welcome what you truly feel. Believe it or not, most people rarely do this.
Once you welcome it, you can give yourself permission to let it go.

The reaction we've been taught to have is to suppress it when it comes into our conscious thought, push it back into
the subconscious. This is what causes us to hang in attempts at manifestation”

-Mike S 


Sending Love

Chengchen, try the 'sending love' technique outlined at the above link. It's a free little e-book you send
download and teaches you how to send 'love' to any person or situation to
manifest change. I have used it on situations and people and have had an easy
time getting it to work. I'm currently using it on my breasts as well (as I'm
trying to grow them). This would be a good way to raise your vibrations and
practice using your energy and learning how to send it, very similar to how
reiki and other energy healing and manifesting arts/techniques."



about breast growth:

“I just imagine white light engulfing the outside of my breasts, then I imagine white light coming from the top of my
head (crown chakra) and entering into my body and traveling down from the
inside until it reaches the inside of my breasts as well. I just focus on this
light/love for a few moments and simply love my breasts the way they are. Then
I will imagine this white light causing my breasts to swell and grow, and I
will imagine myself doing something like shopping for new bras or getting
compliments from friends. You're really not 'asking' them to do
just send the love first and then imagine yourself in a situation where the
change has occurred...such as receiving compliments from friends on how
incredible your body looks. But the main key is to focus on that
light/energy/love and just send it to whatever you're focusing on.”




‘Mine are:

I'm Gorgeous, I'm Desire and I'm Light!" <---I love saying this. I glow more the morning I say this to myself :)

"Oh I've such a perfect body! People would kill to look like me!" <--- I say it like I'm boasting about myself to others... I

even imagine ppl drooling :p

"I'm perfect...just like the Universe" ‘



"I dropped 60 pounds using affirmations about my body and began a workout routine that I have kept with for almost 4
years. It's actually habitual now, I do it without thinking (which is the power
of affirmations, they reprogram your subconscious to the point that it becomes

-Mike S

“Funny you should say about that girl who said more guys were paying her attention, as the
other day after writing some beauty affimations i went out and i noticed more
guys were looking at me, maybe thats a sign its working.”



Subliminal Messaging

This program is awesome. Give it a whirl. There is also a program called Audacity that you can get from

This is good if you wish to record your voice and build it into existing music tracks as subliminal messages. I have found success with

both and these programs are free.”

-mike s. 

“In experiments conducted by NASA, they discovered that re-wiring the brain for a major change takes roughly 21 - 35 days so to add to
what Trish said, be patient. You can't undo years of programming overnight.
There is a great program that's free called Audacity available at". It's easy to use and you can take any existing song(s) and
embed your own tracks. I find that -21 decibels is good to keep the voice

-Mike S 

“So, does that mean while you're listening to your favorite track, the subliminal message you embedded in it actually goes to your brain?
That's interesting :)”


“Yeah, it's pretty neat how it works. I've not tried the free program that Mike talked about, but I'm going to check that one out as well. I
just like the ocean sounds on the CDs I have...they're very relaxing. The
messages are recorded at such a frequency that only your subconscious brain can
hear. The beauty in this is that there's not going to be any conscious
'filters'...not that voice in your head laughing at you and saying 'Yeah right,
you know that's not true!' It just goes straight to the source without any
conflict or combat. Now if you have certain beliefs that have been settled in
your unconscious for many years, unchallenged, it's going to take some time to
change that. That's why it's easier for people to manifest certain things than
others. I've always had troubles manifesting money, but I know people who can
almost snap and make it appear out of thin air. They don't have as many
limiting beliefs in their subconscious mind as I do regarding money.


I think the free subliminal program, Subliminal Blaster, has a weight loss program. It's completely should download it and give it
a try, It flashes subliminal messages on your computer screen as you go about
your normal business. Mine is going as we speak. Mike S. shared this gem with
us! "


 “You don't have to do anything while listening...just listen, that's it, as if you have a song playing in the background. I play them at work (loop the silent track), play
them while I'm cooking, cleaning, typing on the computer, whatever. You don't
have to use headphones, and you can even loop the silent track while watching a
TV program. You can even do this with InnerTalk (even though they don't include
a silent track), listen to it softly in the background while watching TV. You
can focus on your body if you want, I just do this whenever it happens to cross
my mind.”

- Trish 

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  • I'm so happy that it is helpful! :) Thanks for all the great tips!
  • You are so welcome, Loreann! :) I'm so glad it helps!
  • Keep in mind that BMV subliminals and other types of subliminals use brainwave entrainment which is meant to be listened to through headphones. The subliminal tones tend to lose effectiveness if played through regular speakers. Also, ripping BMV CDs into MP3 format as well as some others (like Brain Evolution) will also cause problems with the brainwave entrainment. Make sure to get the actual downloads that they provide at the highest quality that they provide them.
    • Are ipod earphones as effective as headphones?
    • Yeah, I kind of figured this out. I know that both InnerTalk and Brainwave-Entrainment state that you do not have to listen to their subliminals through headphones, and InnerTalk says you can even have your TV going and listening to the CD in the background at the same time. And I still had fantastic results with some of the CDs, just listening to them in the background. But I noticed that with CDs, such as the breast enhancement, I was having more intensified results while listening with headphones. I had also just read yesterday about comverting some of the CDs to MP3's and vice versa could mess it up. I never thought about that, and one of my friends, who is over in the UK, and I have been copying and swapping our subliminal CDs with each other to save cost on purchasing so much. One in particular I've been listening to (Healing Childhood Trauma) seems to be working just fine (she imported onto her PC and then burned another CD of course)...I'm actually having memories of when and why my mother's drinking may have started...memories I didn't even know I had. So I would still say they are effective, for me anyhow, but I wonder how much more effective they would have been had I kept them in original format. I personally seem to still get the same results with my InnerTalk CDs, whether I'm listening to them on iTunes or from the original CD, but that may not be the case for next person.

      But I'm glad you brought that up because I just did actually read something on that yesterday. I imagine you're getting more 'bang for your buck' if you keep everything in it's original format. I guess it also depends on the company as varies slightly from one guy to the next I've discovered (and his is ALWAYS superior to the competition, lol).
    • Yeah, gotta love the whole thing with a hundred different patents to do the same thing.
  • I want to just comment briefly on the subliminals....just got the idea as I reading through the list here....they work just fine while being played in the background, but I recently discovered that they are even more effective if you listen to them at a high volume or even better, while wearing headphones. It's not necessary, so don't think you have to devote an hour each day to just wearing headphones, but if you are on your PC working or surfing the 'net, just stick the CD in (all mine are imported onto iTunes) and wear some headphones. You'll notice a change sometimes in just one or two sessions. I can do this with my breast enhancement CD...often within 15 minutes they will begin to ache. Now if I can just get the growth to stay! :-/
  • Wow, awesome, thanks for doing this!
  • Thanks so much Sunshine! This way is much easier, is very nice of you
  • I'm so glad it helps! =) you have been so helpful, i have learned so much from you're wonderful posts and discussions!
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