Body Change

I am interested in changing my skin tone a bit and also making it flawless. I want to also lose weight but not get saggy skin. Any tips?

If anyone knows of these actors, I want to look like them IN THE PAST, not now.

Image result for aamir khan qayamat se qayamat takImage result for aamir khan young

Related imageImage result for salman khan maine pyar kiyaRelated image

I don't know how to describe it but their eyes look fuller(?) to me lol I want to get eyes like that and also a similar skin tone. Any tips? For skin tone, I want something mostly close to the first image.

Also, this is when these actors were skinny but not muscular. I want to lose weight but not have saggy skin or a hunky body.

Hope that makes sense haha

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  • I know one of these actors. Look up Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. I think the first picture is Aamir Khan when he was young. The guy who flips his hair is Shah Rukh Khan, the rest is I don't know.

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