Body morphing

Hi there! First post on this site! I am wondering if anyone has experience in morphing body parts/ facial features, even just subtly. I obviously don't want to look like a whole different person, but an enhanced version of myself and in my mind it seems possible! Threre is some doubt, or I just get down on myself which blocks the good vibes, I'm just wondering about any success stories people have. There are 4 things that I would like to alter on myself.

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  • There are many posts in this group which are a proof that people have actually changed their appearance, including features, getting rid of scars and marks and even skin colour. You just need to explore this group a bit. :)

  • Your name reminds me of the movie Burlesque :) 

  • Ive done it. Where I've wanted to look like someone and Ill meditate on it for a few hours and then later in the day Ill see subtle things change about myself. If I don't like it I will it to go back to normal.

  • I have seen subtle changes in my appearance since beginning. I started about a month ago and the changes has been pretty constant it seems like everyday I see a slight change towards my preferred appearance. I look different but I can't really put my finger on the exact changes besides my nose because my nose was my least favorite feature, so I kind of critically analyzed it to the point where any miniature difference is very noticeable to me.
  • Interesting! Thank you so much. what have you used them for with succes?
  • I think the issue is that you're worried and stressed about the outcome. Don't let it eat you up inside. Everything is achievable if you are willing to just trust that this stuff will work for you. You don't need to do so many things at once, so I would say to think about what you feel would work best for you and just trust in it.

    I tried subliminals for myself as well and I didn't like it. Idk if it's bdcause I made it incorrectly or if it just doesn't click for me hearing my own voice. I have had success using subliminals made by other people, though.

    See if you can find subliminals for what you're looking for and try them for a little bit.
  • Have you ever thought about subliminals? I find them to be particularly good, especially for people who have trouble focusing/visualising and etc.
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