Dear friends, me and ADIR, my twin flame from Pleiade begin to write a book about “The power of physical body transformation”. I will receive a lot of techniques about eyes changing, hair, weight etc. This book will appear in all the world and I want to write it with your help. I need your questions about every chapter. The first chapter is about PHYSICAL BODY. You can ask what you want to know about that. I wait for your questions. Me and my twin flame want to give to the world a book who can help you be the perfect person you want it to be. Your best version of you. This is all about in this book. Thank you for your questions. This book will be write from channeling. Love you! <3 Thank you again. 

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    • w, this is so awesome, what is easy for you is a challenge for me. Then can you ask anything for him? So do you have knowledge direct from source? Talk to him about me :)

  • Yes, I want to talk with my inner being or twin. But, I didn't knew that was possible to speak physically first, I was thinking that was the "last step". But I don't want she (my twin) be in physical now. I have many questions, and I want to get knowledge if you understand me. If you have tips on this, I will appreciate. Thanks friend.

  • I believe not. But take a look here:

    Silent Knowing, Gnosis, Channeling, Higher Self, Energy Body, Dreaming Body, Mind of God
  • I visualized my twin long ago. I want to wake my twin, I want her to teach me all she can.
    But currently I only saw her twice, were in lucid dreams. Now I want to hear it through meditation, known as silent knowing, aka gnosis.

  • Good to know :)

    I'm trying to talk to my twin for a month. I need to ask several questions. I wanted to know what kind of process did you do to talk to your twin.

  • loana i want you to consider one thing in your book

    make a chapter in your book about beauty

    you know what i have noticed is that perfect features doesnt make you beuatiful, its something else

    i dont know what it is

    but probably you have also seen people in your life who doesnt have perfect standard features but they are absolutely beautiful, they are gorgeous

    there is actually no standard of beauty and its very strange

    so in this chapter i want you to teach techniques on how to become beautiful, not how to change your particular feature

    some technique which can make you beautiful, handsome, attractive, irresistibly sexy, without changing particular features

    pls consider sex appeal also, how to increase it

    and there is one research i wanna point out to you

    it is said that every beautiful person has pi ratio in there face

    its a fact

    read this page and research more

    so i also want you to give us some technique on how to make your body more in the golden ration pi, so the features and body automatically develops this golden ration pi

  • I think a great way for you to accumulate questions and what not for your book would be to do some kind of "live chat", like on Google Hangouts or some type of Webinar platform.

    This will surely generate a lot of buzz and interest, and will lead to a lot of excitement, with people showing up and asking questions. You probably won't be able to get through all the questions, but you can answer the ones you feel most inspired to, for an hour or two, whatever you feel comfortable with. After the live chat, you can then take all the questions that were asked and use it in your book.

    Just a thought, let me know if you want any help getting this set up, if you wish to pursue it :)

  • Can you establish communication with your twin easily?

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