brainwaves to change eye color!!

hi!! i found those brainwaves in youtube, i tried them for 3 days now and was amazed by the result, since the first hour there's a green glint and green cicle aroud my eyes,

someone can explain how those waves works and why they are soo effective!!!??

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    • That's awesome thank you!! I have no idea how they work either, if someone knows could explain that'd be great! 

      I don't know if I've already asked you but how did you manage to change your breasts? (i think you mentioned it on another thread but I can't find it sorryy)

    • i was visualising my perfect body, so flat stomac and big breasts but i didn't give them much attention so subconsciously they became bigger!

      you're welcome

  • yes, i used google traduction to translate it :D

  • How do you intend? Do you just think "i want my eyes to turn green" or "my eyes are already green" and visualize them? This is what confuses me. Thank you for sharing Pamela!

  • did you eye change, Nina? 

    • Yea they went to hazel/green to gray/blue/green.

      I even posted pictures on it but I kinda got some negative feedback on it so I decided to delete it. 

  • yes you must intend and listen without giving it much attention, you can do other thing like cooking or relaxing on your bed... (except work that need concentration and news or agressive scenes)

  • I tried this a couple of months a ago. I did it about 3-4 times and it was very effective 

  • What are the instructions then? Listen and intend? Afraid I don't know what the description says :(
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