brainwaves to change eye color!!

hi!! i found those brainwaves in youtube, i tried them for 3 days now and was amazed by the result, since the first hour there's a green glint and green cicle aroud my eyes,

someone can explain how those waves works and why they are soo effective!!!??

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  • I came across another one:

    I like his voice. Very soothing :)

  • Do you just listen to it once a day? (just 10 minutes/day) or do you repeat the video more than once?

  • Does it work?? :)


    This one is for blue eyes. :) ^_^
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  • now the process is constant, my eyes are really lighter, you musn't stop skyfall, you must listen for 3 months, every change needs patience. i don't think that there is affirmations in spanich because i don't underestand spanich but it works for me! good luck for us all :)

    • pamela, when you say lighter, do you mean they actually changed color, or that they are still brown, but a lighter shade of brown?


    • there's a green circle around, they still brown but there's a yellow color that i never had before those subliminals

    • Oh, I see. Thanks a lot for replying. I will keep listening to it then. : ) Good luck with your changes!

  • I'm glad to see somebody's getting results with eye colour. How's your progress so far, Pamela? : )

    I tried one of those videos some time ago, but it didn't really work for me. I used to listen to the soundtrack more than three hours each day, and I've seen no change in almost two weeks.Do you think that there are affirmations recorded in Spanish, which I don't understand and that's why it doesn't work for me? I thought my eye colour turned a little bit lighter, but I'm not so sure now; it might have been just my imagination. : (  It's kind of frustrating how I managed to change other details which I didn't really care about, but I can't work this out. I think I'm a little bit too obsessed with this. The thing is that I do actually like my brown eyes and everybody says they're beautiful, but I still want to change them. Any advice, anybody?

  • without thinking a lot about it, intend what you want and the audio do the rest

    but i want that someone explain how "brainwaves" works for DNA because it really works, i notice a change, my eyes are lighter and have a green circle

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