Can visualization create contradictive results?

i'll give an example of something. Lets say i wanted to attract a teacher in something that i can learn from and i had 2 options. To either attract them in real life or online, both is perfectly fine. How would i visualize talking to this person? I don't want to visualize them online nor do i want to visualize them being here with me in real life either because im closing down opportunities. If i visualize meeting them in real life then it will be real life, if i visualize meeting them online it will be online. But i can't visualize both happening because it would be contridictive wouldn't it be? (If you do not understand what im asking please say)

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  • I honestly don't think that (visualizing both) would hinder your results. I guess everyone's circumstances and "ways" of doing it will be different, but in my own experience, when I visualize something I want coming in multiple ways, it often seems to me that it's opening the possibilities, not hindering or limiting how they'll come.

    If anything, it might bring you the possibility of having both -- online and in-person, perhaps it'll bring you the option to choose? ;)

    In your example, it seems like you'd be kind of keeping your focus on the how, and that probably isn't the best route since you're really supposed to be visualizing the want. So instead, just focus on having what it is you're hoping to acquire, and forget the setting or else it is possible that you'll not really be making your intended result all that clear. It sounds like in the example, the focus might be too much on the how. Forget the how, and just focus on having the want.

  • It was just an example.

    • And I answered your example with a process that will allow you to manifest what you want without worry of contradiction.

      If your goal is a specific person then imagine the feeling of them in your life or imagine meeting them for the first time in person, even if you've met them already online. But if there is no specific person then focus on imagining what you want and rather than how it will come or who will bring it. Focus on it being in you already. Or in the instance of learning something you might focus on how you're constantly learning more and more all the time even if it doesn't seem like you are.

      You can still imagine meeting a person online and also in the real world but just remember that the process is more about believing it is there or that each and everyday is bringing you closer and closer to it.

  • From what I understand of the process of visualisation it's more about being able to feel it. You visualise the process so that it feels more real and easier to imagine you already have it. So rather than putting the focus on manifesting a teacher I think you might be better served focusing on the information you're seeking being acquired. This will allow for an infinite number of possible ways by which you can learn what you need to learn. 

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