Cell talking might just be it

So I have tried a lot from affirmations to visualising but I have realized I probably wasnt patient enough to strick to these techniques.So then one day I found out about cell talking. I used it to decrease my breast size. Now I know many would be like wanting the opposite but for me I just find it easier to have smaller ones plus less backpain.So I did this for about 3 weeks the first week didnt show much, the following week I told my mum about cell talking and she just laughed at me. The third week she told me they look a lot smaller all of a sudden 'what have you been doing?' Cell talking I said and she was shocked and said shes going to try it for herself.I also toned up my legs real fast about 2 days and I wasnt constant funny enough I didnt care about my legs much and they toned up like crazy.ive also noticed day one and the outside ring of my brown eyes have started going blue then again that was another thing I wanted 'later' could live without.I was wondering if we tell our cells to look like a certain person do you think they would listen.

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  • I have found that EFT is still the best method to get rid of attachment.
  • True :)
  • Thats true I find cell talking like this: your cells ,trillions of them are like your children, everything you believe they believe, so everytime you look in the mirror and be like "im fat" they go "yes mum" and obey you causing you to gain weight. But when you keep instructioning your cells over and over again you teach them new beliefs. A bit like how when were a child we are repeatly taugt how to write our own name over and over and over again if we would have gave up and said omg I cant spell my name after first two attempts we wouldn't of had the belief that we have today that helped us read and write. :)

    Treat your cells like your children
  • Yes, great point sorry guys I forgot to mention every single time I instruct my cells I imagine my for example "cells make my tighs thinner" as im saying this I imagine my thighs becoming thinner and thinner another thing that helps is when you dont over analyse yourself in the mirror and as Natalie says you must see what you see in the mirror as your old self no longer your real self the trick is to strick with that mental image in your mind of your 'thinner tighs' everytime you cell talk
  • Whether a technique will work or not work for you is dependent on how it meshes (or doesn't) with your belief systems. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach, because everyone is built differently. 

  • Cell talk was one of the biggest topic here on this forum once, David was a part of this forum. I've been cell talking myself for years now and it does work as long as you're persistent. It does work faster about things you're not that attached to because LOA and Cell talk is pretty much the same. Cell talk is like an action for me and it works faster about things I'm not too attached to because I'm not holding much resistant to it. I change the size of my eyelid creases years ago by cell talking 1-2 weeks, the change also reversed because I freaked out and wanted it to revert. 


    The changes are faster with things you're not too attached to because you're not holding resistance and strong desperate feelings about them, it's the same with me. I have not been able to grow taller with cell talking because I always try it for 2-3 weeks max every time and then I go through the negative feelings cycle again but I'm holding resistance to my height for years. It was easy for me to change my eyelid crease size but not my height. I will eventually do it though, cell talk continues to be the action I like because I'm not crazy about visualizing either unless it comes naturally to me.

  • Lol I found this years ago...

  • Wow nice! Where you found this?

  • I would just do it randomly 3 to 4 times a hour or so, mainly whenever I would be sitting around doing nothing and before going to bed.
    • Ahh, ok :-D I think I want to try to use this for something I don't have a strong attachment to changing, that will help me build some faith
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