• np :) @ chihiroh omg she is gorgeeeeeeeeous her eyes face everything!!!

  • @ Stephanie Knight Lol yes me too. ;) and her breast size

  • thanks for the answer jennifer Oneal ^^!! Wish you'll succeed ! I am trying to look a bit like Amanda Lajcaj , and im using Natalie's technique, but its kind of hard !!
  • or tell them you have no idea how this happened :)

  • you can just tell them that genes don't control appearance and they'll have the proof right in front of them. 

  • yeaa chihiroh search for  suelyn mederios i want my boobs like that and stomach :) also her beautiful clear skin

  • Hi !! I'm new here ^^ ! I was asking myself the same question and i am in highschool !!! But the others are right , we really don't have to worry about people , we just have to focus on the END results !! Oh i was wondering if anybody here tried to look like a celebrity for example, to have some features like the face shape, and lips ... Thank you !!

  • Having a growth spurt in your twenties might raise a couple of eyebrows and.... that's it. People will accept it and quickly forget about it. When they ask, you could just shrug your shoulders and say you're surprised too. If somebody told me they suddenly grew 5 inches I wouldn't expect them to know how or why it happened. And especially with height, it's easy, because it would be obvious you didn't undergo surgery.

    Point is, you don't owe anyone an explanation. You could always lie. 

  • lesram, how much did you grow ? 

  • I'm 26 and I'll just go with "I guess it's just a really late growth spurt". I doubt any one will claim there's a conspiracy going on.  or that I'm a witch that needs to be burned.

    ... well at least I hope not D:

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