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Hi everyone, I just joined PI. I've been following the changing physical appearance thread since last november, and I've had results! It took me a long time to understand how it works, but a few days ago I had one of those 'moments' where I finally understood what I had been doing wrong the whole time, and since then I've had some results! 


During these summer holidays, I wanted to change my appearance because I used to dislike it and feel that it got in the way sometimes- I constantly felt self concious no matter what I wore, i didn't like going out cos i felt ugly and if i did go out, I would always look at girls prettier than me and feel horrible! Then I found this thread and it has been SUCH a blessing knowing that I can change my appearance with no effort! I have been using the LOA for quite some time (to manifest good exam results, awesome friends, and the best birthday ever!) so I know it works but for some reason it was a bit harder for me the change my appearance, I guess because I have always been so self concious about it. 


For 2 months, in my desperation to change my appearance before school starts (which is next tuesday) I was hindering its progess, and didn't have any results. I knew that I was being to obsessed and desperate, and I wanted to change it, but I could never let go until a few days ago. In just 3 days, my skin has improved drastically- it's soft, smooth, gorgeous and glowing!!! This is amazing for me as I had acne since i was 13 but now, i have only perfect skin! Even more perfect than i imagined!! I am now 46kg (from 50kg) and almost 170cm tall (from 156cm)!!! I have the face I want!! I will post photos asap (I don't have a camera, but now i'm going to get one and I can't wait to take pictures!) anything is possible, as long as you truly believe! I'm not really an expert at LOA and I don't know much, but Here's what worked for me:


1. The minute you ask, you desire has manifested, and is now being drawn to you. Thus, you can only be positive, because it already exists! So focus on your desire, and completely ignore what you don't want- doing so will erase it so you can replace it with what you want. You must be happy and feel like you have it already, so don't constantly ask the universe for it, think about how much you want it or ask it when it's going to come! That will just delay it as it implies you don't have your desire yet! The LOA, according to me, is basically about faking it till you get it, using all your feelings and senses to attract it. For some people, mainfestation will be very slow, but for others its super fast- if you have some emotional baggage in your mind (like I did) it will be a setback. Before you can attract your changes, you must LOVE yourself.Appreciate yourself for who you are, because if you don't, then why would the universe give you what you want! Be comfortable with your appearance, and then the universe will attract what you want because you are on the frequency of appreaciating and loving your appearance!


2.You must believe wholeheartedly that you have what you want! Live as if you have it- think about all the awesome things you'll do when you get your apperance, and do them! Think about how much you love your apperance, and be happy and thankful about having it! I think there was a post before that mentioned this, but you can basically do whatever technique you want, and long as you feel happy and don't feel like you're forcing the technique. So you can do visualisation and affirmation, talk to your cells and thank them, etc. I mainly did visualisation, and when I did, I didn't think of doing it because it will help me get my appearance, but I did it because I thought I already have it and was thinking about it for the joy of it. And when I did it, I did it very vividly, with all my senses (like in natalie's thread). So, don't do these techniques to get what you want, because you already do! You past and present no longer exist, only what you want does.


So, see yourself with what you want, not what you don't want, and live as if you have it! Don't wait till tomorrow, do it now!! Go out, feel like you're beautiful and imagine all the compliments you're gonna get from everyone! Think about how much you enjoy clothes shopping! Dress like you would when you're gorgeous! If you have bad skin, etc, don't wear makeup to cover it up! You have great skin, so you don't need to hide your skin! Be comfortable in your own skin! When you wear makeup do it because you love it, not because you want to conceal your flaws! Style your hair pretty, do whatever you will when you get your apperance! The mirror may hinder some, like it did for me at first. What i did was, I used to visualise myself looking into a mirror and admiring how pretty I am, and I when I went to look in a mirror, I didn't obsessively check it for evidence, I imagined myself with my ideal apperance, and I just smiled at myself and walked away! I also didn't look too much at the mirror, because doing so gives you evdience of something that's not real! So you can either look and the mirror or not, but when you do imagine your ideal appearance looking back at you and don't inspect your face closely!


3. Since your old appearance no longer exits, there is no reason to focus on what you dislike! You also must not focus on the change and obsessively check for evidence everyday, as this implies your old apperance is still there! You MUST not see your old apperance at all! It does not exist! Immerse yourself in feeling your desire. This will be a bit hard, but persist! No feeling negative! You must completely ignore the old reality! Your ideal appereance is in place, so you can only be happy! Your body is nothing more than a creation of the mind, so you can command it! You create your own reality, so you see what you want to see! If there's a thought, it can become reality!


This step was the HARDEST for me, but i managed to overcome it! You must not be afraid it won't happen, because that prevents what you want from happening. DETACH yourself from your desire, let go! Act like you have your desire! So don't obsessively think about getting it, you have it already! Feel happy and get into that feeling of wholeness you'll feel when you receive your desire. Like, don't worry about doing visualisation techniques because you think that if you don't, you won't get what you want. Trust the universe will give it to you, and on time! In fact, according to the LOA, time doesn't exist, I'm not really good at explaining but i just knew that the ideal appearance already exists, so i can just chill out, and not worry about it! Detach yourslef from the outcome, ie don't worry about it! Let go and focus on other things, so you trick the universe into believeing that you already have it so you are not worrying about it! and in no time at all you will have it!


Strong belief and trust in the unviverse is what helped me achieve my desire in such a short amount of time, and i have never been happier!!!! I dont think my explanation was that good and my english is pretty bad, but I hope i have helped someone out there, like the rest of the people on this thread have helped me and inspired me so that I could achieve my goal! Another two things I referred to are the secret to teen power and 17 seconds of weight loss by susan james. in teen power, there is a paragraph about how to change your skin with the LOA, which helped me out alot. :)


I'm extremely happy with my apperance, and I hope the rest of you reading this can achieve your goals! I just have one question to ask- I'm slightly embarrassed about this, but is there any way to get rid of unwanted body hair using the LOA? I'm hairier than most girls (due to gentics I think) and I really want to be able to wear whatever I want, not caring about having to shave/wax my legs or arms all the time. I wanted to know if it is possible, because I head of people growing back hair, but no one getting rid of their hair! please help me, thank you so much!



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  • This was very helpful. You have some amazing tips!
  • Hi NibelMia is there anyway you can link the story of the guy who told himself he would grow taller and he did? Thanks. 

  • Hey,
    Grear results !! Congrats!!
    the thing is i find it really hard to believe i'm tall cuz i'm surrounded by people taller then me so i don't kbow how to do that. i read about someone who didn't believe right now that he's tall but He's gonna be and he got taller! whar do u think of that? or maybe believing i'm taller only in visualusations sessions? and how did u let go? u didn't want it anymore or what? also i'm not trying to just grow taller but to get bigger body sturcture wider ribcage and hips u know like a growth spurt but i'd like a specefic shape so how i go a about that?
    My gaol is 173cm which is 5"8 i'm 160 5"3 .
    and how long did takes you ?
    sorry for the questions i'm just very curious .
    If u can post pics that would be really amazing since pics renforce the believe of this stuff.
    much love xoxo
  • So I read in some posts that whatever you resist, persists but you say to resist negativity. I'm not sure what to follow. Also, someone else that had successes said that you must look in the mirror, but looking in the mirror only trips me up.... a little bit of guidance would help 

  • I'm also after the same thing. Its been more than a year since you posted this, any results? 

  • I'm extremely grateful for finding this thread- I will eventually learn on how the LOA will help me with achieving my perfect weight! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Your English is great and you explained things magnificently, actually!

    Reading your post had me feeling so many things, but mostly intense excitement! I love this! I love how this all worked out so well for you. I've been working on similar things with my appearance. I've been working on improving minor things like some breakouts and scarring on my skin, and I too have had great results in a pretty short period of time!

    Seriously though, your post inspired me so much that I can hardly contain my excitement! It gave me a new burst of hope, inspiration and feely-good all over. I thank you very, very much for that. I also want to comment on what a great job you done with this! Wow. That's really amazing. For some reason, changing things like our appearance is usually the toughest thing of all because we see what we don't like. We all know that after reaching adulthood, or before, we've got a lot of the same thoughts (negative) about our appearances and what we should be so embedded into our minds that it's tough to break out of that. But, it's really not tough. It seems tough or impossible at first, but it can take one brief minute for you to break out of it and be on your way to re-programming all your beliefs, thoughts and even possibilities. That goes for every area, not just appearance.

    Long post short: major kudos to you! That's so fantastic that you were able to accomplish all this so quickly. You have no idea how much hope you've given me, even though I've already came a good ways. You really replenished it for me, so I can only imagine how many other folks will find your story to be so useful and powerful! Once we realize the power in what we can do, things get amazing for us!  So thank you a billion times for sharing this.

    I want to also second your directions. When I first started working on clearing up my skin, I ignored it and I think you're right -- when it comes to appearance especially, it can be best to totally ignore it and the mirror for a while. I had to stop focusing on my skin completely for a few days. I didn't allow myself to get up close and personal in the mirror and look for the flaws to pick, pop and squeeze at, which is what I'd been doing daily for ages. I would spend forever in the mirror picking at all the "flaws" I could find. The day I stopped doing that was the day the changes really started. After a few days of ignoring it, I looked closely in the mirror (after being sure I was in "the vortex" of course. Lol.) and was actually pleased! Aside from the short glances in the mirror just to check things and apply any makeup, I didn't let myself look too hard. I mean, I definitely didn't avoid the mirror all together because well, I wanted to at least make sure I didn't have smears of makeup or a previous snack left on my face. Lol. But I looked from a distance and didn't let myself get caught up looking FOR the flaws. That's what made the big difference.

    It's been maybe a month since I really started on my skin. I have had a few up-close sessions that were necessary, though. Like when I noticed a new zit that did need tending to. Lol. But, I make sure I go into it without any stress or emotions. I just take care of business without letting myself think of what I see as negative. Just "oh, I see there's a zit there. I'll squeeze and go about my business because I know it's one of the very last I'll see." And they are quite rare. If I do have one, it's so tiny that after I squeeze, nothing is visible. No swelling ever. No redness. Nothing. I love this! :)

    I'm not completely finished. I do want to continue until I've reached even more improvement, but I've reached the stage where I am not attached. I have no feelings towards my skin's situations. I only have the knowing that it's looking great and getting even better each day. So that has helped a lot, reaching that point.

    Anyways, thank you again so much for sharing this! I am going to check into the book you recommended. I'm no longer a teenager, but I think it would still be useful.

    Oh, as for the body hair question. Why the blasted heck have I not thought of using LOA to take care of that?!  I guess I can thank you again -- for that reminder that LOA can be used on anything. I spend a lot of time and trouble removing my own body hair, so I could really benefit from using LOA on that one. I epilate, so it doesn't take a lot of my time, but it's uncomfortable, sometimes painful, loud and more time consuming than I'd love. I suppose you would start off by visualizing? That is how I go about everything, but it could be different for everyone. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for me. It seems to always get my manifestations kicked into gear. I would begin visualizing your skin to be smooth and hairless. Keep working on the visualization of hair-free skin until you have a good image in mind. One that eventually comes to your mind easily. After a few days of visualizing something, it will begin to take less time to conjure up the image. 

    Right now I'm visualizing one body part being free of hair. It's smooth, like a baby's skin. Can you picture what a child's skin looks like? It's so ... pore-less looking. If you've ever looked at the face of a child, you may have noticed how they appear to not have pores at all! It's almost porcelain looking. In fact, that is exactly how I visualize my face when I'm working on it. I think about what a baby's skin looks like. Then I imagine mine like that -- so supple. When you see an area of your body that you've shaved or used any method of hair removal on, you probably see it with enlarged pores, stubbles of prickly hair peeking through the pores and maybe even red, inflamed, or bumpy.  Maybe we should try what we both have used for acne -- not looking at or giving too much focus to the hairy areas. That will help while you're visualizing the skin of a baby's.

    At this point, I've gotten really good at visualizing in great detail. I no longer have trouble holding a detailed image in my mind at all. So, as you continue (and you may already know this since you've reached such a stage yourself), the images become clearer and clearer, which obviously makes your desire manifest quicker.

    I hope the description of hairless skin was useful. I'll probably use this myself!  Also, you might could use affirmations too. I always combine them in with anything I'm trying to manifest, including my skin. I say things like "My skin is so perfect. It's so smooth, hydrated, supple, plump, glowy, and it's so clear that it looks almost porcelain-like."  I suppose using that for skin you want to be hair-less would help too since you'd be picturing the area being smooth and without pores, so no hair. You could go with something like "I love that my hair follicles have stopped producing hair." I don't know. That was just right off the top of my head, but it's a start.

    I hope you'll update us as you go, and share your results with this one too! :)

  • Yes it's so weird.. but I hope people take our tips in consideration. And use them.
  • Hi there just want to tell you about an amazing product i bought, philips lumea its a laser light treatment. My legs used to be quite hairy now i hardly get a hair on my legs an odd one i probably missed every now and then. You will not regret buying this product its amazing and a godsend. You can google for more info on this. :)

  • @Chrissy and @iris I'm also planning on leaving this group in about 2-3 months once I achieve all my desires in my physical appearance. But I'm not thinking about the future I'm thinking about now. So yay I'm here now haha. And @Chrissy youve probably already posted what you have changed but can you please tell me what you hav changed?
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