Changing Another Person's Physical Appearance?

Not drastic changes but subtle ones in someone else's physical appearance. I know there's a whole other group dedicated to attracting your desired partner but this is not about that. I'm not taking this too seriously but has anyone accomplished this or do you think it's possible? Are you only in control of your own appearance?

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  • Yes, this is exactly what I want! Some friends I have are insecure or they're suffering from health issues that has to do with their appearance. It'd be really cool if I could help them somehow.

    • I'd love to do this too! :D

  • I still have ways to go with my own physical appearance but the changes I want are quite drastic. I find incremental changes help with dimension jumping so changing others could possibly work out even better. What are your personal techniques?

  • I love that idea! :D  Especially if it's something the person wants or would be happy with anyway, the idea of focusing it into reality for them is so nice <33  I think you can definitely do that! :)

  • If one can change a specific aspect of their world (ones own appearance) then I dont see why one couldnt just change a different aspect of the same world, being someone else's appearance.

    Ive dabbled in dimensional jumping and the idea behind that is that you are changing your world to be as if it has always been that way. Maybe you could use LOA to do the same thing, but either way the best way to learn is to give it a try yourself!

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