Changing appearance based on a photo? XD

so would it be possible to look at a photo and tell your cells to make you look like that? idk how to do cell talking LOL

and if the cell talking does work then wouldn't that kinda be a bad thing--like what if you told your cells to do something bad by mistake because it just popped up in your mind XD so wouldn't you have to talk to your subconscious mind (couldn't you only do that through lucid dreaming though XD)

because that biology of belief thing Bruce Lipton was talking about says your beliefs control your body and that the cells change based on your beliefs.. yet wouldn't saying that you have this or that be lying to yourself? or would your body actually change LOL which means you are literally changing your genes.


yeah sorry i kept talking but can y'all answer my first question LOL

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  • great post

    you know all those physical things we see are imaginaire, they are a creation of our mind, your body is created inside your mind, so u can create what you want, a new body, a car, money.. but the obstacle to this is your bad feelings ,complexes, luck of belief .. like me, i have the key but i must release the hindrances to open the door

  • Of course you can change your face to look like one in a picture. Anything is possible and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    If you tell your cells something bad by mistake then chances are that it will not have any profound affect on you unless you make whatever the statement was a huge deal by thinking things like, "oh what if that comes back to bite me? Then I have to fix it, then I'll have to do this and then I'll have a huge problem, etc." It only becomes a problem if you think it is a problem ;)

    A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Saying you have your desire is not lying to yourself at all, if you have read any Abraham you have heard that everything you want is already here, already existing. You just need to open your eyes to see it, and no, I don't mean your physical eyes. By your eyes I mean your belief and your feelings. 

    Feel right now that your have already attained your perfect face. You have it! You did it!

    Feel the joy of having it feel the happiness overflow. Holding that feeling of having what you want will make you see things differently; it will color your perception. You will see things in a slight "positive glow". All you need to do is hold onto that feeling.

  • If you say something by mistake , just say " ups , my bad cell , ignore it , and do that way" :)






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