Changing appearance in IDs the title suggests, I want to know if anyone here was successful in changing appearance in IDs (like passport or driver license).

This is one major block I am experiencing in changing my physical appearance completely. I don't want to change pictures in all id cards (even if I do, how to explain to authorities that I changed my appearance through LOA)

Also, I want to change my appearance in people's mind like I want them to think I always looked like this 

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  • adding: the reason i ask this is because i have some really prominent features that i dont like and i want it to disappear....problem is that it is sort of an identification mark (i hate it and now i am stuck with it forever) :(

  • @Saul: Thank you for your reply. It is surprisingly hard for me to love myself and I struggling with it a lot right now. I really want people to think I am how I look. People can be really cruel sometimes (I have seen many cruel comments and jokes on celebrities who go for plastic surgery to alter their appearance)

  • If you don't mind my asking, I get this, but how do you feel about drastic changes? My thought was loa and all works self out anyhow, I mean som1 somewhere has done it and had no issues. And if anything is possible can't you just loa no1 to notice?
  • It is very unlikely you will change so much that you're completely unrecognisable in photos. What should happen is that you just look like someone whose beauty has become more refined. Imperfections smoothed out and realigned in subtle ways that redefine how you appear. According to a plastic surgeon Tony Robbins knows, millimetres are all it takes to change someone from ugly to beautiful. For example, this could be the eyes being a millimetre closer or farther apart. The chin being a millimetre longer or shorter, the cheekbones being a millimetre higher, lower, in or out. The length of the nose, the width, or depth. The height of the forehead, etc.

    Small changes can have a massive impression on a person's appearance and even a happy mood has a huge influence on projecting beauty. But even with the changes people will often recognise the person. Sometimes it may take a bit of mental processing before they recognise you, but we can't escape who we really are, and despite a change in appearance there is always going to be something there that is uniquely 'you'. Those that see you regularly may just assume it's their impression of you that has changed and not your image. Others that may not see you so often may notice bigger differences and put it down to a healthier lifestyle, the natural course of your development or whatever else. No one is likely to suspect you're an impostor or that you've used magical mind powers to change yourself.

    You'll always look like 'you' even if you change completely. You could turn into a unicorn and there'd be something in your appearance that people could relate to you. It's why an 80 year old man can still have some resemblance to his 6 year old self. Or a woman that was 300lbs overweight shedding it all and not looking like a complete stranger to her friends and family.

    In theory it should be possible to change your appearance in photos but if that's what you're after then it probably means you need to love yourself more. Loving yourself more transforms the way you appear to yourself and your opinion of you is all that ever matters. If you cater to the opinions of others you will never find peace and happiness, you will never feel settled in your own skin and all these changes will just be ways for you to dodge around the real issue.

    What you're feeling is very common, though. But don't let it stand in the way of being the best version of yourself you can be.

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