Changing appearance with energy work

This seems to be very controversial in the energy work community. I've tried posting about it before, but everyone just called me vain. It seems like energy work does somewhat work for me. I basically use it to make my skull shape for functional and attractive. When I do it I can feel pressure underneath my eyes and on my nose bridge. I also notice it improves my breathing issues.

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  • Hi Fifi ,!
    I found it really intresting, but I didn't properly understand what energy work is and how to do this... I'd really love to learn more about it.
    Would you be so kind to make a post about it, please?
    I think this could help lots of people :)
    Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you in advance if you'll do the post.
    Have a great day :D
    Forgive me if I wrote something wrong, I'm Italian
  • Do you or anyone else have a guide on how to get started with reiki? When I visualize, I usually try to feel a tingling, but I'm not sure how long I should concentrate on each area. I heard if you feel a tingling then it is working. 

  • Reiki is great. Do you do anything special with it, or does normal reiki do the trick?

  • I've been keeping myself looking younger with reiki for years.Several people recently put me at 41 and I am actually 51 so it is working:)

  • Glad it worked. For me it improves my breathing, defines my cheekbones a bit and makes my lower face look more defined. My main goal is to make my tear troughs less visible and make my cheekbones higher and more prominent.

  • I did this too in the past! Changed my nose temporarily (I stopped doing it and went back to old ways)
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