Changing eye color and avoiding the mirror

Hi I'm Laura and I'm new here :) trying to change my eye color from green to light brown to better complement my skin tone and hair...I already fully believe it's possible so that's not the issue but here's the problem...I don't really look in the mirror much but obviously when I wake up I have to clean my face and check my hair real quick and that's it. I don't apply any makeup or whatever so that's time saved :) however I'm trying to completely avoid seeing my eyes for the next couple of weeks or months or so, as an aid to help me reinforce my belief that I HAVE light brown eyes and not green.

I mean thinking about it, it can only help me out, I avoid seeing my current eye color, I forget about it (helps with the LETTING GO aspect of LOA), and that helps eventually, in weeks time, truly believe that I have my desired color of eyes. And then it's just a matter of  keeping at it and waiting until someday, someone notices a difference in my eye color. And then it's party time

It's really hard for me when I look in the mirror, it's like a total reset, it feels like I'm back to square one. After doing my visualization and cell talking (I've only been at it for a couple days), when I look in the mirror in the morning, even if it's for 1 nanosecond, my mind quickly goes like "hah eyes are still green!" and that's already enough to do heavy damage to my belief. I keep at it yes but I'm afraid this will hamper my progress...

I believe the process would be so much more easier and effective if I can cover up my eyes with something. I'll try getting some sunglasses and wear those whenever I need to check my face in the morning. Or stick a piece of tape on the mirror lol! Whatever it takes! This way I won't know what eyes look like :) I want to wake up one day in the near future and say hi to my mom and dad and they'll be like "uhm good morning sweetie...uhm what's with your eyes?" lol!

So do any of you guys actually avoid looking at the part you're trying to change? Any tips with avoiding?

As a side note, I've read about actually sitting down in front of a mirror and trying with all your intent to see your eyes as the color you desire. Anyone tried this yet?

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  • What's a shower light?

  • Try only using the shower light. Enough to see what you're doing but still dark enough to where you won't be able to see the color of your eyes
  • Hi thank you for your very informative post! I have decided to not avoid the mirror for the reasons you described. Rather what I do is check the mirror in the morning for maybe 10 secs (which is what I've always done anyways) to fix my hair and wash my face, feeling that I already have brown eyes and really paying attention to my old self, and then maybe a few mins later visualize that same moment but with my light brown eyes instead of green :)

  • Hmm ok maybe I will use the mirror. And if that doesn't work I'll try my other method :) thanks!

  • Hi I do have all that lol but I'd like a different eye color for a change :P

    • Damn...Irish women are so naturally beautiful, well good luck. : )

    • Hope you at least leave your freckles lol.

  • Yep, I think the avoidance thing sounds pretty inconvenient to do on a daily basis for a length of time :)
    You can include small daytime visualisation periods like when you're walking down the street or driving and you catch a glimpse of yourself in some dark tinted glass - say a windshield or store window. You won't be able to see the colour in those scenarios, so plug in your brown eyes!
  • Welcome to the group! The mirror isn't the problem... it's the way you respond to it that is. :) When your mind points out that your eyes are still green, try to replace the thought with something else. Like, "I believe that my eyes are changing color; I completely believe that they can change" and eventually your mind will begin to mimic this thought if you do it repetitively. You can even imagine the voice in your mind saying it, as if it's already accepted it. As odd as that sounds, I've done that before in different circumstances and it helped. I simply heard what I wanted my mind to "say" instead. Maybe you could also do some visualization and see yourself doing your same exact regimen (washing your face and such), but with brown eyes. You could lengthen the visualization and include that little snippet with your parents reacting to your eye color too. I know these things aren't about avoidance, but I've offered them because the avoidance sounds a bit tedious lol. 

  • That's sorta difficult...In another note though, I think green eyes are the most beautiful thing in the world lol, especually when accompanied by red hair and pale skin. : P

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