Hi everyone :)Been reading about the law of attraction for a few months now, and have really been opened up by the experience :) I find the people on the message boards very friendly as well, which has encouraged me to post my own topic, as I don't really do this on forums :)My situation is this - I'm an 18 year old girl, attempting to manifest height growth (especially lengthening my shins, which are proportionately short for my thighs) and changing the shape of my face.When I was 16, before I knew about the Law of Attraction, I had a rather round face, with a wider jawline and skull. I used to not like my round face at all (it wasn't puppy fat as I have always been very thin), so I used to wish that it would get thinner and elongate. For a while I did some 'facial exercises' to make my face thinner, but soon forgot about the whole thing and POOF, 6 months later I have a narrow face. My problem is now that my face is too narrow, my chin seems to have become pointy and my jawline has become weak. I am slightly insecure about my pointy chin, which seems to have made it worse. I think I accidently manifested this face, which doesn't suit my very large features (big eyes and wide mouth) at all. I want to change it back but now I am concious, I'm worried I won't be able to and I'm slightly obsessive/ growing increasingly insecure. (My friends all pointed out the extreme change in my face and still occasionally mention it).My shins are out of proportion with the rest of my legs and are almost unnaturally short (again, pointed out by other people which adds to the insecurity!). I have been thinking about growing taller and my shins being longer for a year now, but there's been no increase aside from half an inch or so at the start. I'm wondering what kind of barriers I may be putting up? (I'm still new to this!)I'm also worried about time frame, which I know is silly and probably negative, because I want to look like my old self (just a bit loftier) by the time I return to college in September!If you can offer any advice please help! Sorry this has been quite long :/Thankyou so muchxxx

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  • Okay another update - went on holiday with people I haven't seen in a few months and all of them looked shocked to see me - said my skin looked great and I looked much taller!!! Still haven't measured because I don't want to jinx it!

    • Hiii, I went to school on Thursday and some of my friends looked right at me and then walked away, they didn't realize it was me! I heard them saying “Where the hell is Chrissy?"

      Anyways, I always feel the need to visualize. Where ever your focus is on, energy will follow. What I do is I watch videos of the person or look at a whole bunch of pictures, put a pic on my phone wallpaper. Etc. Just so I can have it imprinted on my mind.
    • Wow what a crazy change! If you don't mind me asking, how long have you being focusing on your goal/what are you changing?

      That's such an amazing reaction haha, congrats! Thanks for the advice, have updated my phone wallpaper :)

  • Anyone??

  • Just a quick update: It's been a month since I started manifesting.

    Height: I've grown around an inch or two. I haven't measured myself just in case, but everyone is telling me I look much taller and I seem to be 5 inches more than my 5'2 mom :), plus my legs are longer and definitely sleeker!! :D

    Face: Well, I've been having trouble slightly with this one, I think it's because my visualisations are always changing and morphing in front of me, they never are quite as strong as the height one. However, my skin has improved and a little lump on my eyelid, which has been there for 5 years and I've been unable to get rid of because of the sensitivity of the area, simply fell off when washing my face two days ago, a few hours after I started visualising myself without it! :D

    Please can someone advice me what to do about my facial manifestation? My problem is that when I create the image of what I want in my head, the image always transitions back into my current face and then I get negative reactions about it's shape. :(

  • OrangetteFraichette, I was thinking maybe I should just affirm I have a sexy face but I seem to be sending out too much sexy vibes as it IS at times LOL.

    But maybe that I have a pretty face, which I do I mostly think I look pretty rather than ugly which is great as I used to think I looked like a hedgehog! 

    But I wonder if that might help either change it or I like it more, I dunno. 

  • I would love to know any tips on this.

    My face is thinner than in 2012 when it was quite fat but it's not as sleek as it was and I would like it to be. 

    I prefer a thinner face too.  I mean a heart-shaped face, wider in the forehead, that sort of tapers down.

    I think that some girls are quite well big, but they have ginormous eyes and it kind of suits them but I'm not someone who can get away with too much extra weight.  I start to lose my looks :-(  

    I hope you get the shape back you want.  

    No, it doesn't in a way, cos sometimes I think - or a lot of the time! - we get what we want and it shows us what we NOW want and yes in some cases that MIGHT be what we had before. 

    But do try to enjoy the journey there, ok?

  • In my opinion, Visualization is only truly effective once you got it to the point where you can visualize so vivid and clearly you can't differentiate the visualization from life. To the point where you can effective dream while awake. If you can get to the point where you can visualize like nikolai tesla did then super visualization is one of the best ways to get into a vibration.

  • Wow, I hope it's going well! How long have you been living as this new you? 

  • Thanks so much for your encouraging reply! If you don't mind me asking, what did you manage to achieve? And my facial goal is definitely the hardest, however I was asked twice today if I've grown taller and I honestly feel about an inch or two taller! Very happy so far with that!

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