Changing Facial Appearance --- Desperate

So here is my situation...... I want to change the way I look. I wouldnt say it is too drastic from the way I look now but there are somethings I want changed. And soon. I'm sick of waking up every morning and looking in the mirror and seeing something that I don't want to look like. I have heard so many great success stories of people LOA to change there appearance. But rarely do I find a "How To". I have contacted multiple people on PI and I have done what they have said but I have seen little to know change. The only change that has happened is this. So one thing I wanna change is my skin tone, my skin was pale and I wanted it to be olive skin, like italians and spanish and southern french people. So I visualized and did other teniques these people told me. Now sometimes depending of the lighting of the room my skin can look somewhat olive or very pale. But before no matter the lighting it would be pale. So I guess thats a start but I have seen no other changes.

So are there any really good ways to utilize LOA and change my appearance? I'm really desperate. Thank you so much!

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  • Everything is vibration, frequency. Techniques just get you onto or closer to the frequency of your desire. At the end of the day it's all vibration and to become the skin tone you like you would have to in vibration, frequency etc. if you're doing techniques but your vibrational point isn't changing, you're not feeling different, then nothing else will change. You can believe you have a great skin tone and along with that feeling and vibrational match that belief brings your world would reflect your conviction. If you didn't really believe it ( because the mind finds it hard - ditch the mind if you ask me it's the greatest deceiver) but still you felt it for the hell of it, because you wanted to feel the vibration and being of that person then still you're a vibrational match so you will have it. Most people don't change their vibration regarding their bodies that's why the average person doesn't change. Drastic weight changes when people exercise is because of the rapid change in vibration and thoughts, sometimes action can be a great way to change vibration gradually overtime.
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