Changing Fast

What's The Fastest Way To Manifest?
ATM I'm Trying:

*Subliminals(But I'm not keeping up with any specific one, sort of just using random ones, I think I'm doing it wrong lool)

*Trying A Placebo Thing With Tic Tacs xD, Like I wrote "Hazel Green Eyes Pills" And I Take 2-3 A Day, For About 3-4 Days Now. Not Really Sure How Placebo Works So Yeah...

None Of These Are Really Helping And I'm Trying To Get Some Big Physical Manifestations In Before End Of Next Week(22nd) Since I'm Going On Vacation And I Want To Show Off My New Features lmao

P.S.: If It Helps, I'm Still Sorta New With This Stuff And I Really Wanna Try This Out And I Won't Give Up So Don't Try Saying Stuff Like, Focus On Other Things Instead Of Physical Features :P

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  • At The Moment I have 2 major goals, eye color change and height increase. I think I'll take your word and focus on eye color first cause it seems cooler :P. thx for info

    • There's a discussion or 2 for eye color already posted. Nd on 1, there is something about height
    • Where?

    • Discussions. Should be pg1 or whtever shows newest. I use this on phone so for me most recent are listed above the forum
  • Thx xD I'm using the Tic Tac one cause in another post someone was talking bout placebo working even if you know it's a placebo. Does that mean that even if you know it's placebo but you don't fully believe, it'll still work? Asking this because sometimes I just get random doubts and I make myself excited so yh lol

  • Good Point bout the deadlines, I agree that they may delay my changes until near the deadline and that without a deadline, I might get changes even faster, Thx for responding

  • There are people who've been at this for years with little to no results. Getting results in a week sounds kinda ridiculous to me, I'd say focus on one thing and just commit to whatever technique feels the best. Time-limit is fine for things you need, this is superficial and I believe an attachment isn't going to be helpful.

  • No rules for routines, be careful with deadline, u can have it but if it doesn't help a process, don't. Like did u kno about the Jim Carey sucess story? He set a deadline but he wrote himself a fake check, kept it in wallet, nvr looked at, and on last day, he got the job and money. So point is for deadlines keep in back of mind. If panic, a cept fact u may get changes later, and u may get a few anyway. If ur looking for methods, the discussions are labelled well. If ur looking to be inspired, Iris had good stuff, and so did recent sucess storries.
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