Changing my story

Hey guys

I was having a chat with one of my friends today about things we would love to change about ourselves if we had a magic wand.... and then I thought back to LOA and thought well it works well for everything else so why not changing my appearance ? ( my friend knows nothing about LOA and quite frankly wouldnt believe it..)

One of the things that I wanna change is my hair.. its always been fine in texture and has an annoying tendency to go frizzy... also it never wants to grow...and its always been something that I've been concious of.

So, I've decided to change my story- I'm no longer going to see myself as the skinny one with short fine hair... I wanna be a curvy version of me with sexy  big hair... 

I would love to hear stories about those of you that have changed your hair.... is it possible to go from having fine hair to thick hair?

Thank you!!!!!!

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  • thank you so much Vanya

    Acutally I tried this in the morning when washing my hair and I have to say my hair felt great today, I loved the way it looked... far less frizzy and I only noticed the good about it... I'm going to try and do what you said and repeat affirmations when I wash it- :)  I'll let you know!!

  • Definitely possible. I've read stories of it, some of them on The Secret's website. What I would suggest about your hair is to say your affirmations while washing it. For example when I wash my hair I keep thinking "This is so great for my hair, it's becoming so soft and shiny", "My hair is so healthy and full of life, I love it", "This shampoo does wonders for my hair", or in your case "My hair is so full" etc. I do it every time and I haven't had bad hair days since and I get a ton of compliments. You can get a noticeable difference right away. I think it's easier to get the feeling when you're washing it, because when it's wet and lathered you can't see what it looks like and it feels soft and shiny because of the water.

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