Changing other people's appearance

Hi everyone,

Recently I stumbled across a page on the web about 'Remote Influence', the information/testimonial on the page read that a man was able to increase his partner's breast size by listening to a certain tape and visualising his girlfriend's body with bigger breasts. He also added that while visualising he would fill her with positive thoughts and energy and laughter regarding her new breast size. So my question is, is it possible to help someone alter their appearance? If they have no resistance or attachment to a specific trait they admire (such as eye or hair colour, skin tone, face shape, etc), then would it be possible to give them that trait by our own visualisation work?

The url to the testimonial I read is here: (about breast enlargement) 

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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  • Quantum Jumping has similarities and differences with LOA.  It's really not about letting go of resistance to how you feel about someones features.  The first step is to believe that you CAN in the first place! Quantum Jumping operates on a lower "layer" of the Universal Computer Programming Architecture, because it is a skill to be learned. To understand what I mean by that, click on THIS thread:

    Why It Works - Or Why It Doesn't

    To get a better feel for the differences between Quantum Jumping and LOA, watch the video below.

  • thanks for your reply entangledintime :)
    So how would I choose the version of someone I want to interact with? Do I have to let go of all resistance or attachment I feel to someone's features in order to manifest the ones I want to see on them?
  • You aren't really changing anything, all you are doing is changing what you are observing. People exist in "multiple versions". You CHOOSE, the version you wish to interact with.   There are no control issues in my world, no guilt, no questions about ... is it possible?.... all possibilities exist. Oh GAWD, I'm starting to sound like Garth!  Now THAT'S scary! LOL!

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