Changing the nose

Hello everyone!! In 2015 there was a post named " chnage over three weeks (personal before and after photod)" by a girl named Feya she changed her nose and posted photos someone gave me the post registred in HTML form sadly the photos didn't show ): the comments were all "woow" and "it looks so straight" i really need to see the photos it's one of the posts that made me believe this stuff works does anyone remmeber this post ?

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    Jahara sweetie I can't wait to see the photo. It's been plaguing me for a year now.
  • OMG! U hv it..can any of u send it across to me as well plzzzzz? patil dot manjiri3 at gmail dot com
    Thanks a ton in advance... :) Happy manifestation!
  • do you have the saved post also?

  • Oh i get your email.Thank you !
  • Please @Jahara send it to me i really want to see
  • for some reason my comment is not showing .
    please send it here ( Nano 2015 Mia at gmail dot come ) no space of course ;)
    I would really appreciate it if you can send me *_*
  • Yes its allowed
  • it's not a link it's a zip file. i don't know how to upload files or screenshots. do you know how ?
    • I don't unfortunately. but if you figure out how to send it send it my way please

  • does anyone have the link so i could read

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