• Something cool happened. I got a health/energy reading. She could sense that someone was working on my jaw. She also sensed an upwards force. That's basically claimingpower. She also sensed my jaw is very tense. Hopefully I can fix that without compromising progress.
  • They're not entirely ugly to me. They're just waaaayyy too wholesome looking. Probably even more wholesome than I look.
  • Is that you in your avatar?  It isn't a clear picture but you're a beautiful girl. Your lips and your facial structure in particular.  I was very insecure aswell about my looks when I was your age but now, coming up to 28 years old, I would give anything to go back in time to my younger self and make her see how lucky she was!!  And that's the same advice I would give to you.  Why do you want to change your face shape.  Something I find helpful is finding examples of people who have the trait you don't like who are beautiful.   E.g. people with similar looks to your avatar, including similar face shape to your avatar are Cameron Diaz when she was 20, Evie from Home and Away and Maddy from Home and Away (I don't know the actresses names sorry).  People would kill to look like you already do!!

  • You can do it!

  • I am now 30 and confident that I will grow taller and enhance my features the way I like which includes face shape as well. I have been here since forever now and the only reason it has not worked for me is because I am way too attached to almost all my desires, I am not persistent enough and always going through cycles and trying to find new techniques. I know by now that everyone is different and I am sure I have softened resistance overtime now so looking forward to manifesting.
  • Okay, so I'm not expert, but here is a random theory I'd have you try.

    Feel good. Believe.

    That's all LOA is in my opinion. Feelings and beliefs.

    Find subjects that make you feel really freaking good. Feel and believe you have a good life, you have a good face, etc.

    Here's a secret: The subject you use doesn't have to be related to your face or tongue.

    Random example: The whole point is to FEEL good. If fly-fishing makes you feel good, and you focus on that, it has the potential to change your face shape/tongue posture. You don't have to think about anything related to your face in order to change it. ( I think)

    If the topic of your face/tongue posture makes you feel bad, just ignore that subject as much as you can. You don't have to find a way to feel good about it, but you at least have to try to think of it as little as possible. Don't give attention or belief to those limiting thoughts.

    Also, don't take LOA too seriously. It's not something you force. It's not some action you put effort into. LOA is working all of the time, and you don't have to think about it at all. The ones who work best with LOA are the ones who practice it casually. They don't really care which way the wind blows, if it doesn't work it. It's just something to try. The ones who struggle with it the most are the ones who put in the most effort and attention. They work so hard, but they don't realize that the only emotions and vibrations they are conjuring up are "it's not working" "why do I still look bad" "I hate this aspect of my life" "I don't have what I want".

    They are using LOA as a topic to focus on (strongly) in order to feel bad, stressed, doubtful, etc. LOA is their excuse to feel bad. If it makes you feel that way, just ditch LOA.

    Find excuses to feel happy.

  • I just follow guides on the internet. They're kind of hard to understand, but LOA is helping me understand them better.
  • Very cool! How do you do it? Do you need to see a practitioner? Or exercises?
  • It's supposed to change the shape of your face. Most people do it to improve jawline and get a shorter and wider face. I'm mainly doing it to improve my cheekbones and hollow out my cheeks a bit. I already have a wide face and jawline. I sometimes think my jawline is too wide for my face.
  • What is the basis of tongue posture?
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