Clear Skin + Weight loss


Just thought I would share some success I’ve had with Natalie’s/Shipras/Joanna’s method. I’ve manifested clear skin within two weeks of properly applying it as well as weight loss (six kilograms in five days). 

Now, I know there’s been debate as to whether you have to feel you have the change now or whether you have to feel its coming and both of these have worked for me. It was easy for me to imagine I was slim now as I wasn’t a big person to begin with so there was no resistance. However it was harder with my skin so I kept imagining that it would be here soon and would feel happy about that. The reason I was so in belief (after a long time of trying) was that I manifested bad skin semi-deliberately after never having had acne in my life. I kept thinking what if I accidentally manifest it and within days it was there. After that I was in no doubt that LoA works although I kind of got there in a roundabout way lol. 

If you’ve been trying for a long time I would recommend Abe’s method of not thinking about your desire. Whenever it pops up distract yourself, in my experience this removed a lot of the negative baggage that I had gained after a long time of trying and tying my desire with a feeling of frustration or failure. After a while when it pops into your head just think oh yea I have that already, or that’s coming very soon. At first you won’t feel anything but after a little bit you will begin to naturally feel happy about it. So don’t force the happiness if you’re not feeling it now, as long as you’re not feeling upset then the happiness will come on its own. 

So that’s it, I know these aren’t big changes but will hopefully move onto bigger things in the future. Good luck guys!

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  • distract himself is abe ( Abraham Hicks ) method i guess, you think your desire is coming soon, while u focus on happy things of your life. the most important thing in both methods is the feeling, so you have just to find a way to feel naturally happy ( not that fake forced happy).

  • First of all congratulations on your success. One question tho, you are saying that you distracted yourself avoided thinking of your desires....yet Natalies/Shipra?Johannas method are completely different . All three in fact include thinking about your desire, visualizing but processing it differently. Johannas is writing your emotions down , Natalies is working with self image in front of the mirror and already feeling as if you have the body and Shipra is mostly EFT work. So no offence in no way your success included any of those members strategies at least from what you described here. Correct me if I'm wrong

  • Sorry if I'm being annoying for asking too many questions, but when you had pictures taken did you ignore them as well? Also how did you find out you changed, did someone else point it out or did you decide to look in the mirror once and for all and check the results?

  • Yes, I do end up feeling confident even around others. And you do exactly what I stated before, ignore the thought. So if your thought is that you’re TRYING to feel confident rather than actually feeling it then ignore it. It’ll stop showing up in your head eventually. Thoughts are like habits, and as hard as it feels sometimes, training our mind is actually simple. I have to remind myself of this also! But stick to it and I’m sure you will begin to feel a difference. 

  • Another thing, did you remember feeling confident or something like that when you were around other people? If so, how did you do it without thinking you were doing something in order to get what you wanted?

  • Only whenever it would come to mind, you don’t have to do it all the time or even half the time you just have to be consistent. If I thought fifty positive things about my desire in the day only one negative thought at the end of the day would send me on a negative feeling spiral. However, if I even had one good thought with no bad ones to contradict it then I would end up improving my mood bit by bit and believing in my desire. That doesn’t mean getting mad at yourself when you think a negative thought! Or thinking that you have to quickly change it and think something positive. It means ignoring the negative thoughts until they fizzle out on their own and allow your natural positivity to come through. 

  • Just believe in the law of attraction and that it can get your changes! If you believe that then ignoring negative thoughts becomes easier and easier!

  • So for the long time I attempted this and it didn’t work I would constantly worry about not doing my visualisations enough. Like I kept thinking I have to do it all the time. But then I realised that although we hold hundreds and hundreds of beliefs about different things, we don’t think about any of those beliefs 24/7. The thing that makes them beliefs is that we CONSISTENTLY think them. So what I did was if I thought about my weight I would think that I am slim. Then if I get distracted by something else I would let it happen. When I would think about my weight again I would stop myself from thinking ‘oh no I wasn’t thinking/visualising my weight all this time!’ I would instead again think that I am slim. Even if you did this just once a day as long as you don’t dwell on the fact that you don’t have it/aren’t ‘doing’ something to get it then the good feelings will flow naturally and manifestation will come. Hope that makes sense! And sorry it was so long!

  • Hello Kalb,

    Congratulations on your success. I too would like to know some more about your weight loss. Were you able to lose the weight while eating what you wanted and with no exercise on top of the visualization?

    Thank you. 

    • Hi RoseGarden,

      didn’t do any exercise because I hate it with a passion lol. Before this I had attempted visualising while both dieting as well as stuffing myself like crazy and telling myself that it won’t count. Both didn’t work. Dieting made me obsessive about my weight and never allowed me to relax and believe. Bingeing made me constantly think about gaining weight even though I would try to tell myself that I was losing/was already slim. The fact that you ask this question also makes me think you find it hard to wrap your head around the idea of eating whatever you want. Although I’m sure it’s 100% possible to lose weight eating ten thousand calories a day with this method, I personally wasn’t strong willed enough to believe it for myself, and it led to more disappointment than anything. So when I did this I was eating a very normal amount. Normal meals with my family as well as small treats here and there. So do whatever makes you forget about the ‘problem’ you think you have. Hope this helped!

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